Supervision is for coaches, mediators, facilitators and Shape of Emotion practitioners, to come for support, ongoing professional development and quality assurance.

Continued professional development

Supervision is a place for Shape of Emotion practitioners, coaches (and mediators and facilitators) to come for support, ongoing professional development and quality assurance. 5th Place provides both individual, one on one supervision, as well as group supervision for coaches and Shape of Emotion practitioners.

A key 5th Place Principle says "It starts with me" and as such, self work and self care is paramount for any who work with others. Supervision provides the front line of self care and self work for any who work with others.  In addition, there is increased interest in the quality assurance and continued professional development of people practitioners and coaches from buyers of services. Supervision provides this.

What is supervision?

Supervision offers coaches and practitioners a safe, reflective space to address the three functions of supervision.

  1. Qualitative
  2. Resourcing
  3. Developmental


The coach or practitioner as a professional - attending to the quality of the work offered, contracting, boundary management and ethics.


The coach or practitioner as a person - supporting the individual who has his or her own worries and concerns, blind spots, biases and habits that could impact the work being done.


The coach or practitioner as a coach or practitioner - supporting ongoing learning through reflective practice as well as attending to the larger system that the coach or practitioner is working in.

Buyers of coaching services are beginning to insist that the coaches or practitioners they hire attend regular supervision.  5th Place supervisors are fully qualified, registered COMENSA supervisors.

One on one supervision

One on one supervision offers a focused, safe space for the coach or practitioner who needs greater flexibility or a deeper process. Sessions are one hour in length on a monthly or ad hoc basis.

Group supervision

Group supervision offers the same safe space with the added benefit of learning from others. It provides for interaction and networking by professionals working in often isolated environments.

Groups are between three and six participants in size.

Sessions are held monthly and are 1.5 to 2 hours in length depending on the size of the group.

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