5th Place Offerings

5th Place offers the opportunity to learn how to purposefully and consciously work with feelings and emotions, effectively manage stress and anxiety to become more present to live masterfully and mindfully.


Talks and interactive presentations

The effects of stress and mental distress such as depression, anxiety and other emotional issues are often viewed as taboo. 5th Place offers in person and online talks on the importance and impact of emotional wellbeing and an introduction to Shape of Emotion as a way of attending to one's emotional wellbeing.

Emotional fitness classes

Emotional Fitness Classes provide an opportunity to regulate and release stuck and difficult emotions and feelings in order to build emotional resilience and emotional fitness. Using Shape of Emotion, one difficult (negative) emotion is cleared, and one supportive (positive) emotion is enhanced. Classes are online and one hour in duration.



5th Place coaching offers one-on-one personal, management and leadership development coaching as well as targeted coaching for stress and anxiety. Our coaching supports the specific needs of the individual and the business and is outcomes based. Our coaching aims to create self-awareness, emotional resilience, successful relationship management, effective leadership and improved wellbeing.


Supervision is a place for Shape of Emotion practitioners, coaches (and mediators and facilitators) to come for support, ongoing professional development and quality assurance. 5th Place provides both individual, one on one supervision, as well as group supervision for coaches and Shape of Emotion practitioners.


Shape of Emotion therapy

Shape of Emotion therapy is for individuals (adults, teens and children) who have been plagued by overwhelming negative (difficult) emotions or those persistent emotions that remain stuck. Shape of Emotion therapy works with the somatic (felt sense) and structure of the emotion.

Shape of Emotion Curriculum

5th Place offers an in person and online training programme for Shape of Emotion, a model, process and tool for emotion regulation and emotional resilience. The training is aimed at coaches, counsellors, facilitators and helping professionals working with groups or one on one.


If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

—William Blake