5th Place's supportive offering for children and youth to build emotional fitness and mental wellbeing.

The Vibarealm

A dynamic universe pulsating to the powerful rhythm of emotions.

The Vibarealm is a world where feelings aren't just intangible forces, but tangible entities that shape the very fabric of our lives. Imagine an environment where joy shines as bright as a thousand suns, sadness flows like deep, mysterious rivers, and anger crackles like wild, untamed lightning.

The Vibarealm offers a creative narrative, that encourages a healthier, more positive interaction with our emotions, viewing them as resources rather than obstacles to overcome. This builds emotional fitness and mental wellbeing.

The Vibarealm comprises:

  • Enabling your how: A journey to emotional fitness and success
  • Emotional fitness superpower programme: Unleash your emotional superpowers
  • Peer support coach training: Empowering young adults with peer support coaching skills

Enabling your how, a journey to success

Emotional fitness superpower programme

Peer support coaching programme

Enabling your how: A journey to emotional fitness and success

Unlock the secret to emotional fitness for young people with our transformative intervention.

A comprehensive introduction to building emotional fitness, designed to set young people up for success. The intervention challenges the automatic response of "I'm fine" to the question "How are you feeling?" and encourages a deeper exploration of emotional states.

Conversations around it's "okay to not be okay." are normalised.

The programme introduces the Vibarealm a universe where emotions are tangible entities and discusses the importance of managing these emotions effectively.


Enabling your how: A journey of progress over perfection

Becoming emotionally fit is a process not an event.

The concept of 'BANning' - burying, avoiding, or numbing emotions - and the negative impact this can have on our mental and physical health is introduced.

The five pillars of "Emotional Fitness" are explored - Thinking, Moving, Nourishing, Relating and Feeling.

Participants are challenged to enhance their emotional fitness by choosing something from one pillar to change or improve.

The programme emphasizes progress over perfection and encourages participants to continually return to their chosen path, even when they wander off or life gets in the way.

Emotional fitness superpower programme

Unlock the power of emotional fitness: An exciting journey for students in the Vibarealm.

Dive into a transformative experience with the Emotional Fitness Superpower Programme. This unique course invites students on an exciting journey, deeper into the Vibarealm, a universe where they learn to master their emotions and build resilience.

With engaging, interactive modules, students not only learn to navigate their emotional landscape but also tap into their inner superpowers and create supportive networks.

Discover this fresh, fun approach to emotional fitness, and see how it can revolutionize wellbeing for young people.


A dynamic, interactive, and fun intervention

The emotional fitness superpower programme is designed to help students aged 13 and up navigate the increasingly challenging emotional landscape of their lives.

In this programme, students explore the Vibarealm, a universe where emotions are tangible entities shaping the world.

They will learn about their superhero suit, how to care for it, upgrade it, and use it as armour in their emotional battlefield.

They will identify the supervillains in their world, such as stress, anxiety, and fear, and learn how to overcome them using their inherent superpowers like focus, energy, creativity, self-belief, breath, movement, visualization, touch, talk, listening, and performance.

Peer support coaching programme

A transformative programme designed to equip young adults with the skills to support their peers through the complex challenges of growing up.

An interactive and experiential training programme that provides a safe space for participants to explore current issues, manage emotional states, and make sound decisions.

It builds coaching skills, enhances life and interpersonal skills and offers a valuable alternative for young people to work through their concerns and find suitable solutions.

This training is a powerful tool for navigating the pressures of achievement, societal expectations, and the uncertainties of the future, fostering hope, purpose, and a positive outlook.


Peer support coach training unlocks your potential

Young adults gain a unique opportunity to learn practical coaching skills, enhance self-awareness, and build resilience.

Participants learn to effectively support their peers, understand group dynamics, resolve conflicts, and maintain their own well-being.

This peer support coaching programme is particularly beneficial for older teens, youth leaders, mentors, and anyone working with young people.

Participants of the training have consistently reported significant personal and self-development. By completing the programme, they not only become well-equipped to navigate their own academic and personal challenges, but they also gain the ability to support their peers through similar experiences.

This dual benefit amplifies the impact of the programme, fostering a supportive community that is resilient in the face of challenges.

Enabling your how, a journey to success

Emotional fitness superpower programme

Peer support coaching programme

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