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At 5th Place we train people, groups and organisations how to
become and remain emotionally fit through
coaching, therapy and training.

Emotional Fitness Coaching

Get the relief you want from stress, anxiety, burnout & other mental health challenges that come from living & working in today's world.

Mental training for athletes

The difference between winning and losing at the highest level of sports play comes down to who is better prepared emotionally.

Emotional Fitness College

5th Place's Emotional Fitness College offers courses which educate and enable you to build your emotional fitness and change your life.

Chantal Dawtrey & Matthew Green

The home of Emotional Fitness

We're emotional fitness experts, trainers & coaches

Welcome to 5th Place. We are Chantal Dawtrey and Matthew Green and we are emotional fitness experts, trainers and coaches.

Low levels of emotional fitness costs us in all areas of our life

In our experience, poor emotional fitness means you don’t properly take care of yourself, those you care about or the environment.

Low levels of emotional fitness, in other words an inability to manage our increasing stress levels, chronic anxiety, deepening depression and other mental health issues costs us in all areas of our life.

  • It costs us in our relationships and our communities,
  • It costs us in our health,
  • It costs us in our ability to learn and study,
  • It costs us in our ability to earn money,
  • It costs businesses because employees are not present, productive or engaged.

We have seen first hand that being emotionally fit leads to improved physical, psychological and relational health and will transform the experience of your life.



We train people, individuals, groups and organisations on how to become and remain emotionally fit. Our Emotional Fitness training is based on the most recent developments in Neuroscience and utilises a pioneering body / mind process called Shape of Emotion. To date many thousands of individuals from all over the world have attested to the effectiveness of our programmes.

We have a holistic, five fold approach to our interventions.



5th Place Emotional Fitness College

Our Emotional Fitness College offers a number of courses for you to build your Emotional Fitness. currently we support overall emotional fitness and anxiety. More courses are currently in the works for anger, burnout, depression, sleep, and stress.

Emotional Fitness insights and updates

Explore the latest news and information from people, friends and clients about emotional fitness. We share stories, testimonials, ideas and tips and more from around the world. We invite you to stay connected with our community as, together, we make the world a better place by building emotional fitness. Updates are published mid-week.

The value of valuing

By 5th Place

After doing whatever needed to be done to get people to pay their bills, a weekend of variety and difference brought up thoughts about how we value what we choose to pay money for and what we choose not to.

Free mental health class for October

Online free mental health class for October!

By 5th Place

In celebration of World Mental Health Day in October we are offering online free mental health classes (Emotional Fitness Class) to everyone for the entire month.


Enabling the how

By 5th Place

The start of Mental Health Awareness Month in South Africa, a book about the link between stress, trauma and illness and a solution to the problem of mental and emotional health occupies the focus of a week just past and a future beginning every day.


The Right Mental Coaching Is Crucial For Sport Athletes

By 5th Place

Mental coaching for sport is a process of helping an individual athlete or team to improve their mental, emotional and psychological skills.


Move it before you lose it

By 5th Place

Sometimes things go wrong and all the little irritations leave you feeling low. Waking up feeling a little fed up Matthew and Chantal went for a walk and it made all the difference to their mood and state of mind.


What is stage 6?

By 5th Place

What is stage 6? Welcome to South Africa’s crazy days, and dark nights, of on again, off again, electrical dance. Not many were having much fun with it, however, but learning to accept and let the rage go is one way of reaching emotional equilibrium.


About 5th Place

Positively impacting wellbeing

At 5th Place we support the physical and emotional wellbeing of people by enabling and educating them on how to build emotional fitness. We can do this one-on-one or on a scale to match the size of the problem with groups of any size.

Shape of Emotion

Building emotional fitness

Shape of Emotion offers a tool to build emotional fitness and address the scale of the mental, emotional and physical health challenges faced by society today.


5th Place Offerings

Emotional fitness offerings for everyone

5th Place offers the opportunity to learn how to become and remain emotionally fit. Being emotionally fit leads to improved physical, psychological and relational health and will transform the experience of your life.

Today's accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities.

—Robert H. Schuller