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Emotional Fitness Coaching & Therapy

Emotional Fitness coaching and therapy for stress, anxiety, depression, grief and other mental health and emotional wellbeing challenges. Peak performance coaching.

A little about Matthew

Matthew offers a range of services including individual coaching, therapy sessions, and workshops. His focus is on assisting a diverse clientele, from high achievers grappling with mental health challenges to those seeking to enhance their overall emotional well-being. His approach is deeply empathetic yet pragmatic, grounded in the belief that understanding one's emotional state is key to personal development and success.

Matthew's philosophy centres around the maxim, “If you don’t know where you are, how can you move to somewhere else?” This guiding principle reflects his approach to emotional fitness and emotional wellbeing: recognizing and accepting one's current emotional state as a starting point for transformation and growth.

Matthew Green Emotional Fitness coach

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Sessions are 90 minutes in length

More about Matthew

A deep-rooted passion

With a deep-rooted passion for human development and emotional wellness, Matthew Green has dedicated his career to fostering emotional fitness and personal transformation. His journey, marked by a lifelong commitment to personal growth, began with meditation practices starting at the tender age of 10. This early start laid the foundation for his profound understanding of the human psyche and emotional well-being.

In-depth knowledge from various fields

Matthew is not only a qualified aromatherapist and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner but also brings in-depth knowledge from studying Waldorf education and NLP. His diverse educational background enriches his approach to therapy and coaching, allowing him to offer a unique blend of therapeutic practices tailored to individual needs.


Innovative models for emotional wellbeing

As the co-founder of 5th Place, Matthew has been instrumental in developing innovative models for emotional wellness, notably Shape of Emotion™ and the Model of Emotional Fitness. These models are at the forefront of his work, providing structured and impactful pathways for individuals and groups to achieve emotional balance and resilience.

Stress can make you more empathic

A standout figure

Matthew is a standout figure in emotional fitness, drawing on his vast experience, personal story, and creative methods to help people lead more fulfilled and emotionally balanced lives. His work goes beyond professional duty; it's a true commitment to positively impact the lives of those he works with.

5th place offerings

Our mission is to enable individuals to build emotional fitness, creating a world of more whole human beings. Our vision is a 5th Place on every corner, supporting emotional fitness for all ages and organisations.


If you don’t know where you are, how can you move to somewhere else?
—Matthew Green