Emotional Fitness workshops

Unlock business success with 5th Place's Emotional Fitness workshops

Boost workplace productivity and save money with Emotional Fitness

Explore how Emotional Fitness can transform your workplace into a stress-free, high-performing environment that saves money.

Work better, feel better

Stress at work isn't just a personal problem; it affects the whole team and the bottom line.

That's where emotional fitness comes in. It's about giving everyone the tools to handle pressure and challenges on the job. When people feel better, they work better.

Fewer sick days, more focus, and a stronger team mean real savings for the business.

Practical skills for everyday success

5th Place’s Emotional Fitness workshops are hands-on and practical.

We're not just talking about feelings; we're talking about real skills to get the job done without the stress.

Time management, working together, staying healthy on the job - these are things that make a difference every single day.

An investment that pays off

Emotional fitness is about employees working smarter, not harder, and saving money along the way.

5th Place ROI from Stress management - Investment vs return

Relieve the pressure of stress

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Work better together

Healthy work, better life

Relieve the pressure

A comprehensive stress management workshop.

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The 'Relieve the pressure' workshop

Equip your team with workplace stress management tools to reduce employee sick days and boost overall productivity.

Workplace stress is more than a personal issue; it's a significant business challenge that can lead to high employee turnover and increased healthcare costs. The impact on team dynamics and overall company performance can be detrimental.

Equip your team with effective stress management tools designed for the workplace. The result? Healthier employees, fewer sick days, and a more productive work environment.

Get more done

Time and resource management skills workshop


The 'Get more done' workshop

Master workplace time and resource management to reduce employee stress and
boost team productivity.

Poor time and resource management in the workplace can lead to mounting stress, affecting both individual performance and team productivity.

5th Place's workshop teaches practical time and resource management skills that not only alleviate stress but also boost overall team efficiency and productivity.

Work better together

Team building and communication workshop


The 'Work better together' workshop

Strengthen workplace team dynamics to minimize conflicts, reduce stress, and improve overall work quality.

Workplace conflicts and poor team dynamics can escalate stress levels, affecting employee well-being and work quality.

Learn how to foster better team communication and collaboration in the workplace. The outcome is reduced stress, fewer conflicts, and a more harmonious work environment.

Healthy work, better life

Success through wellbeing workshop


The 'Healthy work, better life' workshop

Achieve work-life balance for improved employee well-being, reduced workplace stress, and a more successful business.

An imbalanced work-life dynamic can lead to increased stress, affecting both employee well-being and workplace productivity.

5th Place's workshop focuses on achieving a balanced work-life dynamic, leading to improved employee well-being, reduced stress, and a more successful and productive business.

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Unlock your workplace productivity with 5th Place's Emotional Fitness workshops

Discover how to elevate your team's well-being and boost your bottom line with 5th Place's Emotional Fitness workshops.

5th Place's Emotional Fitness Workshops offer a comprehensive solution to workplace stress, boosting team productivity and well-being. From mastering time management to enhancing team collaboration, our hands-on workshops equip your employees with the practical skills they need for everyday success.

The result? A healthier, more efficient work environment that positively impacts your bottom line.

Relieve the pressure of stress

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Work better together

Healthy work, better life

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
—Helen Keller