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Welcome to a sanctuary of calm and tranquility. In today's fast-paced world, stress can often take a toll on our well-being. That's why we've curated a growing collection of stress relief activities and techniques, updated weekly, designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Each week, we unveil a new activity or technique, ranging from mindfulness exercises to creative hobbies and physical wellness practices, all aimed at helping you find your inner peace. Join us in exploring these pathways to relaxation, and make stress relief an integral part of your daily routine.

5th-Place - a growing collection of stress relief activities

Seed planting: Cultivate hope and resilience

Plant seeds of hope and resilience as you navigate through life's changes and uncertainties.

Seed planting

Seed planting is a powerful symbolic activity that represents growth, renewal, and the potential for positive change. As you nurture the seeds and watch them grow, you'll be reminded that even small actions can lead to significant transformations over time, helping you build resilience and find hope during challenging periods.

Creating a worry stone: A mindful practice for releasing anxiety

Harness the power of a worry stone to let go of stress and navigate change with greater ease.

Worry stone

A worry stone is a simple yet profound tool for managing anxiety and promoting emotional well-being during times of uncertainty. By physically representing the act of letting go, this mindful practice helps you release worries, find inner peace, and develop the resilience needed to embrace change. Discover how creating your own worry stone can support your journey towards greater emotional fitness.

Gratitude Letter: Harnessing the power of appreciation to navigate life's challenges

Discover how writing a gratitude letter can help you build resilience, strengthen connections, and maintain a positive outlook in the face of change and uncertainty.

Gratitude letter

A gratitude letter is a simple yet powerful way of expressing your appreciation for someone who has made a significant impact on your life. By focusing on gratitude during times of change and uncertainty, you can shift your perspective, increase feelings of connection, and cultivate emotional resilience. This activity helps you remind yourself of the support and love that surrounds you, even in challenging circumstances.

Gratitude time capsule: Harnessing the power of gratitude to navigate life's challenges

Discover how creating a gratitude time capsule can help you build resilience, find comfort, and maintain a positive perspective in the face of change and uncertainty.

Gratitude time capsule

A gratitude time capsule is a simple yet powerful activity that involves documenting moments of joy, accomplishments, and lessons learned during times of change and uncertainty. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, this activity helps cultivate emotional resilience and provides a source of comfort and inspiration when needed. Engaging in this practice can help you navigate life's challenges with a greater sense of perspective and well-being.

Sensory calming jar: Find calm and stability amidst change

Discover the power of a sensory calming jar to reduce stress, promote mindfulness, and cultivate emotional resilience during challenging times.

Sensory calming jars

The Sensory Calming Jar is a simple yet effective tool for managing stress and anxiety related to dealing with change and uncertainty. This engaging activity combines visual stimulation and controlled breathing to promote relaxation and emotional regulation. By focusing on the mesmerising swirls of glitter, you can find a sense of calm and stability in the present moment.

Sensory grounding exercises: Anchor yourself in the present moment

Engage your senses to find stability and calm amidst the uncertainty of change, promoting emotional well-being and resilience.

Sensory grounding exercises

A sensory grounding exercise is a simple yet effective technique that helps you navigate the challenges of change and uncertainty. By focusing on your senses and immersing yourself in the present moment, you can reduce stress, interrupt negative thought patterns, and find a sense of inner calm. This exercise is easy to do anywhere and requires no special equipment.

Journaling with a twist: Unleash your creative self for emotional resilience

Transform your approach to change and uncertainty with our engaging, creative journaling activity.

Creative journaling for change resilience

Journaling with a twist offers a unique blend of writing and art to explore your inner world, making it an ideal practice for those seeking solace in times of change. This activity not only aids in emotional expression but also enhances mindfulness and personal insight.

Gratitude stones: Cultivating thankfulness amidst change

Transform everyday rocks into vibrant tokens of gratitude, anchoring positivity in times of change.

Gratitude stones

Gratitude stones are a heartfelt and creative way to remind ourselves of the good in our lives, especially during times of uncertainty. This simple yet profound activity encourages a shift from focusing on life's challenges to celebrating its blessings. Engage in this mindful practice to enhance your well-being and resilience.

Affirmation stones: Embrace change with positivity

Transform smooth stones into powerful reminders of your strength and adaptability.

Personalised affirmation stones

Personalised affirmation stones are a creative and grounding activity designed to boost your resilience and positive mindset. By painting meaningful words on stones, you create personal talismans that anchor you during times of change. This simple yet profound craft encourages mindfulness and self-reflection, essential in navigating life's uncertainties.

Mindful Origami: Folding your way to focus and calm

Discover the calming power of mindful Origami and find tranquillity in each fold.

Mindful Origami

Mindful Origami combines the art of paper folding with the practice of mindfulness, offering a unique way to centre your thoughts and find peace amidst change. This simple, yet profound activity encourages you to focus on the present moment, helping to alleviate the overwhelm of uncertainty.

Craft your calm: Playdough stress relief

Discover homemade scented play dough for hands-on stress relief and sensory relaxation.

Homemade scented playdough

Immerse yourself in the soothing process of creating homemade scented playdough. This easy, fun activity offers a unique way to relieve stress through tactile stimulation and aromatherapy. Perfect for adults seeking a creative escape from the hustle and bustle.

Crafting with clay: Shape your way to serenity

Discover the calming power of clay crafting, a creative outlet for stress reduction.

Clay crafting

Crafting with clay isn't just a fun, artistic endeavour; it's a journey into tranquillity. This hands-on activity offers a unique way to channel your creativity while significantly reducing stress. Experience the satisfaction of moulding your calm with every touch.

Herbal tea gardening: Sip your way to calmness

Discover the soothing power of home-grown herbal teas.

Herbal tea gardening

Herbal tea gardening offers a serene way to unwind. Growing and brewing your own tea blends connects you with nature, providing a tranquil escape from daily stressors.

Homemade scented candles: Aromatic stress relief

Discover the serene art of making your own scented candles for a peaceful retreat.

Craft calmness: Homemade candle bliss

Step into the world of homemade scented candles, an enjoyable and calming craft. Perfect for unwinding after a long day, these candles bring the dual benefits of creative expression and aromatherapy. Transform your home into a stress-free sanctuary with your own crafted candles.

Leaf pressing: crafting serenity from Nature

Transform leaves into art, finding peace in nature's embrace.

pressing leaves

Discover the soothing art of pressing leaves and flowers. This simple, nature-inspired activity not only connects you with the outdoors but also offers a unique way to unwind and manage stress.

Sensory garden walk: A path to serenity

Step into serenity with a sensory garden walk, your natural solution to stress.

Sensory garden walk

Discover the soothing power of nature with a sensory garden walk. This activity invites you to engage all your senses in a tranquil garden setting, offering a peaceful escape from daily stress. Embrace this sensory journey for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

Herb gardening: Cultivate calmness and well-being

Transform your urban space into a serene herb haven for relaxation and joy.

Urban herb gardening

Embrace the art of herb gardening as a soothing escape from the urban hustle. This simple, fulfilling activity not only beautifies your space but also nurtures your well-being. Experience the joy of growing and the calmness it brings.

Nature mandalas: Serenity through creativity

Discover the calming art of nature mandalas, a creative stress relief activity using natural materials.

Nature mandalas

Nature mandalas offer a unique and creative way to de-stress and connect with the natural world. Using leaves, flowers, and other natural materials, you can create stunning patterns that calm the mind and soothe the soul. This activity is not only a form of artistic expression but also a meditative practice that promotes a sense of peace and well-being.

Mindful sketching: Unwind your mind

Sketch your way to stress relief and emotional well-being.

Mindful sketching

Looking for a creative way to manage stress? Mindful sketching is your go-to activity. It's not just about creating art; it's about finding a meditative state that helps you stay present and stress-free.

Nature collage: A creative outlet for stress relief

Unleash your creativity and relieve stress with a nature collage.

Nature Collage: A creative outlet for stress relief

Looking for a creative way to manage stress? Our nature collage activity is a simple yet impactful method to engage your mind and elevate your emotional well-being. Create a lasting piece of art while connecting with nature.

Rock balancing Zen garden: A natural way to achieve stress relief

Balance rocks, find peace, and cultivate a stress-free mind with your own Zen garden.

Rock balancing Zen garden

This week’s activity is a rock balancing Zen garden, a simple yet powerful activity that offers a unique form of stress relief. By focusing on the art of rock balancing, you create a peaceful sanctuary that serves as an escape from daily stressors. It's a natural way to improve your emotional fitness and well-being.

Nature's paintbrush: A natural path to stress relief

Unlock your creativity and relieve stress with nature's paintbrush.

Nature's Paintbrush

Welcome to nature's paintbrush, a simple yet transformative stress relief activity. This creative exercise not only boosts your emotional fitness but also connects you with nature. It's a win-win for your well-being!

Bottle cap mosaic: a creative outlet for stress relief

Transform everyday bottle caps into a stress-relieving work of art.


Looking for a unique and creative way to manage stress? Dive into the world of bottle cap mosaics! This simple yet impactful activity not only offers a creative outlet but also serves as a powerful tool for stress relief.

Watercolour mantra cards: A creative outlet for stress relief

Craft your own watercolour mantra cards to add a splash of creativity and calm to your daily routine.


Looking for a creative way to manage stress? Our watercolour mantra cards offer a therapeutic painting experience that doubles as a daily reminder to stay positive. It's art therapy and stress relief rolled into one!

Pebble affirmation stones: A tactile way to ease stress

Carry positivity in your pocket with pebble affirmation stones and melt stress away.

Pebble affirmation Stones

Looking for a simple yet effective way to manage stress? Meet pebble affirmation stones, your pocket-sized companions for stress relief and emotional well-being. These tactile gems offer a quick mental reset whenever you need it.

Herbal foot soak: Instant stress relief

Unwind with a warm herbal foot soak, your go-to for instant relaxation and stress relief.


Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Let the soothing power of garden herbs melt your stress away. Discover the magic of a warm foot soak, a simple yet effective stress-relieving activity.

Nature art: Stress relief through creation

Harness the calming power of nature with art for a refreshing stress relief experience.

Nature Art

Ever thought of combining nature's beauty with art for stress relief? Dive into nature art, a delightful activity that not only boosts your creative juices but also offers an oasis of calm. It's your ticket to holistic well-being and a serene mind.

Mindful colouring: A way to stress relief and mindfulness

Unleash your creativity with our colouring pages, your go-to resource for relaxation and mindfulness.


Unleash your creativity and find your Zen with mindful colouring. This simple yet powerful activity allows you to focus your mind, reduce stress, and tap into your artistic side. And the best part? We've used generative AI to create unique and intricate designs just for you!

Gratitude jar: A simple activity for mindfulness and joy

Embrace gratitude with a personalised jar, a daily reminder of joy and contentment.

Perceived Stress Scale

In our pursuit of happiness and peace, gratitude plays a pivotal role. Creating a gratitude jar is a delightful and meaningful way to capture moments of thankfulness. This simple yet profound activity encourages mindfulness, reduces stress, and fosters a positive outlook on life. Follow this easy guide to create your own gratitude jar and embark on a journey towards a more fulfilled and joyful existence.

Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.
—Hermann Hesse