Create a worry stone: Let go, find peace, embrace change

Craft a tangible reminder to release worries and cultivate emotional resilience in the face of uncertainty and change.

Creating a worry stone: A mindful practice for releasing anxiety

Harness the power of a worry stone to let go of stress and navigate change with greater ease.

A worry stone is a simple yet profound tool for managing anxiety and promoting emotional well-being during times of uncertainty. By physically representing the act of letting go, this mindful practice helps you release worries, find inner peace, and develop the resilience needed to embrace change. Discover how creating your own worry stone can support your journey towards greater emotional fitness.

Worry stone

What you will need

  • A small, smooth stone that fits comfortably in your hand
  • Acrylic paint or markers (optional)
  • A fine-tipped brush or pen (optional)
  • Clear sealant or varnish (optional)

How to do the activity

  1. Find a small, smooth stone that feels comfortable to hold in your hand. You can look for stones in nature or purchase them from a craft store.
  2. If desired, clean the stone with mild soap and water, then dry it thoroughly.
  3. Optional: Decorate your stone with a soothing word, symbol, or image using acrylic paint or markers. You might choose a word like "breathe," "peace," or "release," or create a design that resonates with you.
  4. Optional: Apply a clear sealant or varnish to protect your design and give the stone a polished look.
  5. Hold the stone in your hand and take a few deep breaths. Imagine your worries and anxieties flowing out of your body and into the stone.
  6. As you exhale, visualise yourself letting go of these concerns and embracing a sense of peace and clarity.
  7. Carry your worry stone with you and use it as a reminder to pause, breathe, and release stress whenever you feel overwhelmed by change or uncertainty.

How to make it your own

  • Choose a stone that speaks to you – it could be a particular colour, shape, or texture that you find soothing.
  • Experiment with different decorating techniques, such as painting, engraving, or wrapping your stone with colourful string or wire.
  • Infuse your worry stone with a personal affirmation or mantra that reinforces your intention to let go and find peace.
  • Create worry stones as gifts for friends and loved ones, offering them a tangible reminder of your support and encouragement during challenging times.

Why this activity works

The act of creating and using a worry stone taps into the power of mindfulness and tactile sensations to promote relaxation and emotional regulation. By focusing on the smooth surface of the stone and the physical act of releasing worries, you engage your senses and redirect your attention away from anxious thoughts.

Moreover, the worry stone serves as a tangible reminder of your intention to let go and find peace amidst the challenges of change and uncertainty. Each time you hold your stone, you reinforce the idea that you have the power to release stress and cultivate resilience, helping you develop a more grounded and adaptable mindset over time.


Share the benefits with others

Experience the transformative benefits of creating your own worry stone – from reduced anxiety and increased mindfulness to greater emotional resilience in the face of change. Embrace this simple yet powerful practice and unlock your inner capacity for peace, clarity, and adaptability.

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