Sensory calming jars

Create a soothing sensory calming jar to promote relaxation and emotional well-being during times of stress and uncertainty.

Sensory calming jar: Find calm and stability amidst change

Discover the power of a sensory calming jar to reduce stress, promote mindfulness, and cultivate emotional resilience during challenging times.

The Sensory Calming Jar is a simple yet effective tool for managing stress and anxiety related to dealing with change and uncertainty. This engaging activity combines visual stimulation and controlled breathing to promote relaxation and emotional regulation. By focusing on the mesmerising swirls of glitter, you can find a sense of calm and stability in the present moment.

Sensory calming jars

What you will need

  • Clear glass jar or bottle with a tight-fitting lid
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • Glitter, sequins, or small colourful beads
  • Glycerin (optional, to slow down the glitter settling)

How to do the activity

  • Fill the clear glass jar or bottle about 3/4 full with water.
  • Add a few drops of food colouring to the water and mix well.
  • Pour in a generous amount of glitter, sequins, or small colourful beads.
  • Optional: Add a splash of glycerin to the mixture to slow down the settling of the glitter.
  • Secure the lid tightly and shake the jar to mix the contents thoroughly.
  • When feeling overwhelmed or anxious, shake the jar and focus on the swirling patterns as the glitter settles, taking slow, deep breaths.

How to make it your own

  • Experiment with different colour combinations to create a calming jar that resonates with you.
  • Add personal touches like small charms or trinkets that hold special meaning.
  • Create multiple jars with varying glitter and bead sizes for different visual effects and relaxation experiences.

Why this activity works

The Sensory Calming Jar harnesses the power of mindfulness and sensory stimulation to promote relaxation and emotional regulation. By focusing on the mesmerising swirls of glitter, you engage your visual sense and anchor your attention to the present moment. This act of mindfulness helps to quiet racing thoughts and reduce stress and anxiety associated with dealing with change and uncertainty.

The controlled breathing aspect of the activity further enhances its calming effects. As you watch the glitter settle, you naturally begin to slow down your breathing, promoting a sense of tranquillity and inner peace. This combination of visual focus and deep breathing activates the body's relaxation response, helping to lower stress levels and cultivate emotional resilience in the face of challenges.


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