Relieve the pressure of stress workshop

A one day workshop to understand what stress is, what it does and how to manage it

What the "Relieve the Pressure of Stress" workshop covers

We all know that stress can have negative effects on our health, relationships and work performance. Our one-day stress management workshop offers effective techniques and tools for identifying stress triggers, developing healthy coping strategies and practical tips for managing stress in the workplace.

What participants will learn

  • What stress actually is and if it’s all bad
  • The difference between a stressor and a stress response
  • The ABC of stress
  • How limiting beliefs impact stress levels
  • Sustainable steps to finding relief
  • How the five pillars of emotional fitness support better stress relief
  • A range of tools and techniques to manage intense emotions

Who should attend

  • Managers, supervisors, team leaders
  • HR Professionals
  • Sales people
  • Anyone in a high stress environment who would benefit from being able to manage their stress better

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Dates for the online "Relieve the Pressure of Stress" workshop

Look out for the 2024 dates coming soon!

If none of the dates suit you or you wish to talk about a course adapted specifically for your organisation contact us at [email protected]

What others have said about the
"Relieve the Pressure of Stress" workshop

A selection of feedback and testimonials from participants who have attended the workshop.

I found the workshop interesting and informative and think others will as well. All was done well.

The workshop assists with understanding the different kinds of stresses and how to manage them.

The workshop is really interesting and is very helpful in showing you what you need to do in stressful situations and how to calm yourself down.

The workshop helped me to manage and control the stress that I am feeling.

Do it. The workshop can be adapted on the day to cater for your personal needs.

The workshop helps you with personal, work and our country stresses so that these factors doesn't overpower your day to day life.

Dates for the online "Relieve the Pressure of Stress" workshop

Look out for the 2024 dates coming soon!

If none of the dates suit you or you wish to talk about a course adapted specifically for your organisation contact us at [email protected]

Pricing and other need to know details

Join our one-day online "Relieve the Pressure of Stress" workshop. We offer competitive pricing for both online and face-to-face sessions, designed for groups of five or more with special rates for larger teams. Pricing includes comprehensive digital learning materials, certification, and continuous support via our Emotional Fitness College.


  • One day online course
  • 09h30 - 15h00
  • The online course can be delivered in modular form for those who cannot let their staff go for a full day. Please contact us to discuss your requirements
  • This course can be delivered onsite and in person on request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements


  • R3120 per participant online
  • R3500 per participant onsite
  • Discounts for large groups. Contact us to discuss your requirements


  • A minimum of five participants are required to run the online course
  • Quiet environment with minimal interruptions
  • Stable Wi-Fi connectivity or sufficient data
  • Authorisation to access Zoom

Course material

  • All relevant course material is supplied online
  • It is preferred that participants are authorised to access an external online feedback form
  • Participants to have a notebook and pens on hand

Ongoing support


Ongoing stress management support is provided through:

  • A range of resources shared after the course
  • Access to ongoing articles and information on managing stress
  • Access to ongoing stress relief activities
  • Access to the Emotional Fitness College

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"Relieve the Pressure of Stress" workshop brochure

Download a PDF overview of the workshop, offering proven strategies and ongoing support for a balanced work-life.

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Provide your employees with the necessary tools to cope with the challenges of day to day life with our online "Relieve the Pressure of Stress" workshop.

Most stress triggers are short-lived, but we humans have the remarkable ability to give them a vivid and extended life in the mind, letting them fill our headspace long after the event has passed.
—Elizabeth Blackburn