Turbo-charge your life with Emotional Fitness Coaching

Get the relief you want from stress, anxiety, burnout & other mental health challenges that come from living & working in today's world.

Emotional Fitness Coaching brings relief and a return to balance

Relief and a return to balance

If you need immediate relief from the stress, anxiety, burnout and other mental health challenges arising from living & working in today's world and its impact on your livelihood, relationships, freedom of movement, and plans for the future.

Or if loss, grief, fear, loneliness, despair and hopelessness are proving unrelenting and overwhelming, we invite you to try out our Emotional Fitness Coaching. It's like a mental fitness program for your emotions and feelings.

Less talking more relief

Our Emotional Fitness Coaching approach works directly with the source of suffering, clearing and releasing the emotional distress to allow for immediate relief.

There is less talking and little analysis, rather a focus on healing the structure of the emotion using an emotion regulation process that combines body work, breath work, touch points, and mindfulness.

Emotional Fitness Coaching offers less talking and more relief

Emotional Fitness Coaching works deeper, faster and quicker than other forms of therapy and counselling

By working with the source of the emotional distress and regulating the emotion, we are able to support you returning to a state of harmony and balance in a way that works deeper and quicker than traditional therapies. This results in fewer Emotional Fitness Coaching sessions and faster solutions that last longer.

Since emotional regulation is the critical issue in managing the effects of trauma and neglect, it would make an enormous difference if teachers, army sergeants, foster parents, and mental health professionals were thoroughly schooled in emotional-regulation techniques.
—Bessel van der Kolk

Online and easily accessible

Emotional Fitness Coaching sessions are held online and each session lasts 50 minutes. They are easily accessible using Zoom or Google Meet.

If face-to-face is preferred, and you are in or near our area (Johannesburg, South Africa) this is an option too.

Emotional Fitness Coaching is Online and easily accessible anywhere in the world
Emotional Fitness Coaching offers support for ongoing change and improved wellbeing

Support for ongoing change and improved wellbeing

Once you have attended an Emotional Fitness Coaching session, you aren’t left on your own. 5th Place offers a variety of ways to support you in the ongoing process of how to develop emotional fitness.

Building emotional fitness is a process and we encourage continued self-care work either by attending more Emotional Fitness Coaching sessions or by using our supportive emotional fitness group classes. These are available between sessions and can be used as emotional fitness exercises or ongoing self care to continue the journey of healing and growth.

We can all benefit from Emotional Fitness Coaching

Low levels of emotional fitness, i.e. an inability to manage our increasing stress levels, chronic anxiety, deepening depression and other mental health issues costs us in all areas of our life.

  • It costs us in our relationships and our communities,
  • It costs us in our health,
  • It costs us in our ability to learn and study,
  • It costs us in our ability to earn money,
  • It costs businesses because employees are not present, productive or engaged.

We have seen first hand that being emotionally fit leads to improved physical, psychological and relational health and will transform the experience of your life.

We invite you to book an Emotional Fitness Coaching session.

We can all benefit from Emotional Fitness Coaching

Dance to the beat of your own drum; whether the world likes your rhythmic movements or not.
Matshona Dhliwayo

What others have said about Emotional Fitness Coaching

Joe Bloggs

Gentle yet powerful technique to bring more balance in my system and life, whether I want to work on a long-term topic / emotion / pattern or something acute after experiencing a difficult situation / emotion, observing and fully feeling it shifts so much for me.

Card Item 2

I went to see Matthew for a one-on-one session to deal with my lingering threshold anxiety. This was a real game changer for me! It gave me the boost I needed to get started, and I have since frequently attended 5th Place’s online Emotional Fitness Classes to deal with a variety of emotions that have come up. What 5th Place offers is really a very powerful tool, I can wholeheartedly recommend it!

Card Item 3

I found the session amazing, profound and very powerful. It left me feeling a bit shaky and it shed some light onto an absolute blind spot of mine.

Card Item 4

I’m deeply grateful for the inspired, intuitive and incredibly compassionate way in which you have helped me. You have a profound gift that you have nurtured through your commitment to truth and goodness, and you choose to use this to bless others, which is rare and special.

Card Item 5

Matthew created a safe, unthreatening place for me to delve into an old troubling memory. He set an unhurried pace, was respectful of my feelings yet seemed intuitively to know when to push me a bit.

Your Emotional Fitness Coaches


Chantal Dawtrey

  • Executive & emotional resilience coach
  • Coach supervisor
  • NLP practitioner
  • Accredited mediator

Contact Chantal:

[email protected]


Matthew Green


  • Emotional resilience coach
  • EFT practitioner
  • NLP practitioner
  • Aromatherapist

Contact Matthew:

[email protected]

Whatsapp +27836014239

The world is a living being - one nature, one soul. Keep that in mind.

—Marcus Aurelius