Leadership coaching

5th Place coaching offers online personal and leadership development coaching as well as targeted coaching for stress and anxiety.


5th Place coaching offers personal and leadership development coaching as well as targeted coaching for stress and anxiety. Our coaching supports the specific needs of the individual and the business and is outcomes based. Our coaching aims to create self-awareness, emotional resilience, successful relationship management, effective leadership and improved wellbeing.

Coaching as a learning partnership

Coaching is essentially a learning partnership. It involves engaging in deep conversations that seek to reconnect the coachee with his/her unique personal and professional talents while overcoming limiting beliefs. The coachee is guided to reflect on real experiences and explore the inner realm of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values. Active learning involves being open to self-discovery while experimenting with new behaviours.

Coaching is particularly effective for those going through a work or life transition; dealing with, or being groomed for, promotion and additional responsibilities; dealing with the stresses and increased anxiety of an increasingly complex business and social environment and the need to accelerate leadership development in the face of increasing competition for scarce skills. Sustained, visible behaviour change is a measure of success.

Coaching for anxiety and stress reduction

A coaching programme specifically focussed on addressing and reducing stress and anxiety. Aimed at those who wish to change behaviours, interrogate beliefs and unhook from triggers that result in chronic stress, anxiety or depression. Shape of Emotion is taught and used as the primary tool during and between sessions.

Group and team coaching

Group and team coaching is a cost effective alternative for pressing management or team building requirements. Enhanced communication and interpersonal skills break silo behaviour, address diversity issues in an open and safe manner and lead to rapid mature team integration. Group and team coaching is provided online at this time.

Qualified coaches

All coaching is conducted by qualified coaches who are members of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).

Coaching confidentiality

Confidentiality is paramount in the coaching relationship. Our coaches are bound by the ethics and codes of conduct of the coaching profession and as such cannot and will not disclose any issues discussed during coaching sessions unless specific permission is given.

What coaching is not

Therapy or counselling

Although coaching may be therapeutic it is not therapy or counselling which attends to the healing of hurts and bringing resolution to personal pain. Sessions are an hour to an hour and a half in length held in person or online via Zoom or Skype. Individual coaching programmes usually cover 8-12 coaching sessions.


Consulting typically involves using one's expertise to problem solve and offer solutions to bring about change. It is often advice driven and involves telling the client what to do.

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—Simone Weil