Emotional Fitness Class Seeding Circle

Looking for real, sustainable change? Ready to transcend the mundane, face your feelings, work with your habits, and find relief from discomfort and pain? Want to step into a safe, non-judgmental space of holding and healing?

We have what you are seeking, here’s why

People who want true change realise it takes time and commitment. Doing it with others, by building community through connectedness and mutual support, the journey to a different state of being and inner harmony becomes easier.

So, you’ve tried it all?

You’ve made the resolutions, written out a list of goals and commitments but still found yourself losing focus and falling back onto old habits?

You’ve been to therapy, employed a coach, refined your journaling, used mediation and attended retreats to find that better you.

You’ve been determined that this time it will be different….

……Only it isn’t

……The same hooks and triggers get you
……The same anxieties hobble you
……Stress continues to have its hold on you
……You fail to master sleep
……You still feel exhausted and burnt out

It is time you lived your fullest life

It’s time you found relief

It’s time you regained your centre

It’s time you reclaimed your worth

How does it work?

We all know that consistency makes the difference as well as the opportunity to fit our practice and engagements into our real lives.

Each month offers up to 8 classes of 90 minutes in length for you to attend live or as a recording. You can work at your own pace while being supported in a community.

You do as much or as little as you have time for.

You will never be left behind.

Each month includes

Live Teaching

Each session will include live teaching about new developments, insights, research, tools and strategies for living your best life.

Live guided Emotional Fitness Class

You will be guided to release and let go of a difficult, stuck emotion of your choice and to open and embrace a supportive positive one.

Live Q & A

Get clarity on your practice, stubborn emotional hooks and issues that arise during or between classes. Your questions will be answered in person in class or from questions sent during the month.

Two classes a week

Each session will include live teaching about new developments, insights, research, tools and strategies for living your best life.

Recordings of each class

To keep you up to date when you cannot attend in person the classes are recorded for you to watch at your leisure if you wish.

Self awareness work

Journaling prompts and reflection exercises sent once a week to underpin and deepen your learning, self awareness and growth.

Bonus offerings

Member only Facebook group

Peer support

Global network of circle members

Early bird access and discounts to new products and services from 5th Place

Days and times

Monday - 17:00 CAT
07h00 PST / 10h00 EST / 15h00 GMT - DST: 08h00 PST / 11h00 EST / 16h00 BST

Wednesday - 06:30 CAT
04h30 GMT - DST: 21h30 PST / 00h30 EST / 05h30 BST
Tuesday - 20h30 PST / 23h30 EST

Reconnect with your body's wisdom and intelligence

Our aim

Come back to your body

Our aim is to consistently bring you back to the intelligence of your body and build greater trust in what your body wishes to communicate to you.

This is done using breathwork, mindfulness and bodyfulness with Shape of Emotion.

Get emotionally fit

Shape of Emotion builds emotional fitness. Being more emotionally fit enables you to bounce back better after adversity and capably manage difficult interpersonal relationships.

Riding the daily emotional waves, hooks and triggers is done more easily and return a place of centeredness happens sooner.

Transform the experience of your life

Seeding circle membership

The best time is now, the best place is here, the best support is an Emotional Fitness Seeding Circle membership. We will be with you, guiding, teaching and learning, with you. Connecting and building community with you.


Together Matthew & Chantal have combined decades of personal journeying, studying, working, research and guidance into our approach and process so that you fellow journeyers can make your world a better place.

This includes those of you who...

...Are new to self work and self care

...Have never been to an Emotional Fitness Class before or used Shape of Emotion

...Have not worked with their emotions and feelings in a conscious and meaningful way before

...Have attended Emotional Fitness Classes regularly and are familiar with the Shape of Emotion and our other free resources and recordings

...Have done mountains of self work and want to add to their tool box and self care strategy

You get to make your world a better place and you get to make the world a better place

What others have said

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about this, but I’m so glad I joined and kept an open mind. God Bless you both.

Thank you both for what you do. I’ve been able to sleep through the night since I started doing this with you all.

These classes have really helped. They are really valuable!

I truly appreciate every word. What you both hold space for here is powerful. Thank you for this time, this process and your intentional language!

Build community and connectedness at the same time

Join the Circle

Pick a subscription that works best for you*

*Billing will be in South African Rands. The USD $ amounts are the approximate currency conversion.

Annual $488


Biannual $288


Monthly $60



Deepen your practice, build community, learn from one another and transform the experience of your life

Emotional competence requires the capacity to feel our emotions

—Gabor Maté