Emotional Fitness Class

Feel better now. Build your emotional fitness through regular attendance. Release and let go of stress, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions that challenge you. Feel calmer, more centred and sleep better.

Self-paced Emotional Fitness Class

An on demand, self-paced Emotional Fitness Class. You can start any time and go at your own pace. The full class consists of 3 guided processes that flow into one another. This session is 55 minutes in length.

You can do the class in its entirety or as individual sessions, depending on your need.

Emotional Fitness class course

Emotional Fitness Class Seeding Circle

Want to really get emotionally fitter? Looking for real, sustainable change? Ready to transcend the mundane, face your feelings, work with your habits, and find relief from discomfort and pain? Want to step into a safe, non-judgmental space of holding and healing?

Doing an Emotional Fitness Class seeding circle with others, develops community through connectedness and mutual support and then the journey to a different state of being, inner harmony and better emotional fitness becomes easier.

Live Emotional Fitness Class

A 60 minute live Emotional Fitness Class held free of charge on Insight Timer. Classes are offered twice a week on a Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning, South African time (CAT).

This Emotional Fitness Class is ideal if you are new to emotional fitness or have tried it before and want to pop in again.

Please note: We are taking a break from the live classes and there are currently no live Emotional Fitness Classes running.


In the end just three things matter: How well we have lived; how well we have loved; how well we have learned to let go

—Jack Kornfield