Live Emotional Fitness Class

A 60 minute live Emotional Fitness Class offered twice a week at no charge on Insight Timer. Ideal for those new to emotional fitness or those that have tried it before and want to pop in again.


There are currently no live Emotional Fitness Classes running

What’s a live Emotional Fitness Class?

Offered online via the mindfulness app Insight Timer, it’s like a yoga class for your emotions. The live session class is facilitated by Matthew and Chantal of 5th Place. They guide you to release and let go of a difficult or negative emotion of your choice such as stress, anxiety, depression, sadness or anger and to open and embrace a positive or supportive emotion you wish to have more of.

Breathwork, mindfulness and bodyfulness are all incorporated in the process Shape of Emotion that is used in the class.


It is a gentle, personal experience to feel relief from your emotional strain as well as to being more resourceful as a human being.

Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, you will benefit from attending an Emotional Fitness Class to support your mental health and emotional fitness.

There is no talking or sharing, this is your inner, personal work

The process is similar to a guided meditation.

There's no talking. No sharing. Just you & the process.

You release one difficult / negative emotion.

You expand one supportive / positive emotion.

You don't need any previous experience with emotional fitness.

All ages are welcome, it's a child-friendly process.

The duration of the class is one hour.

There is no charge for the class.

If you find the class of value we invite you to make a donation.

How does a live Emotional Fitness Class work?

What happens in a class?

As you arrive at the online class, you are welcomed by Matthew & Chantal who will take you through an overview of the class. Shape of Emotion, the mind / body process that is used in the class, is explained and demonstrated.

There are three parts to the Emotional Fitness Class.


Chantal guides you to release, or dial down, at least one difficult emotion of your choice.

Once the dial down is complete, Matthew takes over and facilitates the open and embrace of one positive or supportive emotion.

Finally Matthew takes you through a guided visualisation to seed a quality that the world could have more of.

Our emotions are constructed through our senses, socialisation, education and upbringing. They are also layered. We encourage you to work with what comes up in the moment but preferably not a long-held issue like trauma or grief.

These need time and more focused work. You wouldn't try to run a marathon without some form of training and the same goes for this work. We start with the top layers and go deeper over time. The idea is to not overthink it. Just to work with what comes up. We give you the cues and guidance as we go along.

Delivered on Insight Timer

We use Insight Timer as the platform for the live Emotional Fitness Class. Insight Timer is a meditation app that needs to be downloaded. It is free to download and use. Find us, Matthew & Chantal, on Insight Timer and then follow us to get reminded of all the upcoming live Emotional Fitness Classes.

Real freedom from difficult emotions is right at your fingertips

After the class

There are different ways the Emotional Fitness Class and Shape of Emotion can affect you. These can include feeling calm and peaceful, sleepy and wiped out, elated, full of energy and euphoric. In all cases the advice is the same - take it easy.

Be gentle, quiet and supportive of yourself. During the first hour after the class, drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol, sugary drinks and refined foods. Also do your best to avoid people, places and situations that may be loud or challenging so you don't get over-stimulated.

When the body lets go too

Shape of Emotion works at a deep and profound level and on the structure of your emotions. On occasion, you may also experience some body symptoms related to letting go. These can be: burping; coughing; crying; eyes watering; hiccups; mild diarrhoea; nausea; runny nose; rumbling tummy; shudders or shakes; sneezing and yawning.

It's important to remember these are not side effects of the Emotional Fitness Class and Shape of Emotion. They are your body's way of continuing the letting go process. It's a natural thing and usually passes within a short time - a couple of hours or a day at most. These symptoms are an illustration of the beautiful, complex and unique ways we are wired together.

Testimonials about the Emotional Fitness Class on Insight Timer


Emotions are celebrated and repressed, analyzed and medicated, adored and ignored — but rarely, if ever, are they honored.

—Karla McLaren