The novel and the unusual

A week of wonder and sun, as we engaged in some novel activities. A trip to the beach, some spring cleaning and not only for humans, and a good laugh with three larger than life ladies. A different couple of days made for an interesting and energising time.

We were whipped off to the beach this week by a dear new friend made on our multiple walks in our suburb. We do not live anywhere near the coast but it did not take us long to find our way to the waves.

Those of you that know South Africa will recognise that place of the Sun, built in an extinct volcano. Surrounded by the richest platinum mines in the world, and some of the poorest communities, it was built on the promise of accessible extravagance, international entertainment and instant roll of the dice wealth. The Sun City Resort. We will rock you!


Everything you could wish for, at a price!

We will still rock you

It has been years since we took the two hour car trip past the Hartebeespoort Dam, onto the single lane road edged by dry North West brush. and expanding dusty villages. Here the one thriving economy seems to be building of residential homes with the distinct feature of multiple columns on the facade. Cattle, goats and wobbly bicycle riders barely look up as the trucks, taxis and cars rumble past. You have to drive carefully, scanning the tar ahead for the next barely visible road bump. Whoever got that tender was determined to slow the traffic down.

The resort has stood the test of time and we thoroughly enjoyed our short sojourn there. The gardens and golf courses are clean and manicured. The grass, so green we were sure the Emerald Queen had sent her leprechauns to spray paint the lawns. There is plenty to do but you rarely get anything for nothing and it is not cheap. We did suspect that it was still all a bright beckoning veneer to entice more swipes and taps. Someone has to pay for all that upkeep and Covid could not have been kind to it either.


African nature at it’s finest, with a dash of man-made thrown in.

Spring cleaning

Being in a different environment, rediscovering a place once known, was refreshing and rejuvenating. We reclaimed a childlike excitement paddling in the waves, bobbing on inflatable tubes and Matthew braving the more thrill seeking slides.

Back home, spring cleaning was happening in the house. Windows were being cleaned, cupboards aired and dusted, and winter woollies stowed away. Not just the human home was given an overhaul, our beehives were also given their Spring maintenance this weekend. The report is that the hives are full and the bees are feisty. Very feisty! We look forward to a good harvest in January. It pays to be patient as the produce is sweetly special and decadently delightful. We call our honey a Taste of Linden.

Theatre and treats


Spring maintenance time.

On Saturday afternoon, instead of watching rugby we spent our friend's 50th birthday at the theatre being entertained by the drag queen Triplets of Belville. A bawdy afternoon of big ladies, with big hair and big heels, singing big songs. We left with big smiles and buoyant moods, nostalgic for those days when big shows were a regular occurrence in this city.

Then on Sunday we skipped our morning walk to hop and jump across town to sample exotic delicacies brought back by the honeymooning couple who eventually made it to at least one part of their planned journey. We returned to record the podcast stuffed full of tales and tasty treats.


Big hair, big heels, big smiles and er, big… everything!

Our podcast this week focuses on the pillar of Thinking. In the world of emotional fitness this means learning, reflecting and growing by exploring new subjects and acquiring new skills. Not because we have to but because we want to.

Humans love novelty, we need variety and difference in our lives. Doing something new and fresh keeps us focused, motivated, relieves boredom and fills our positive emotion cups. All necessary to keep emotionally fit and mentally well. It is so easy to get stuck in the comfort of the same and then wonder why it’s not feeling so satisfying. Our lucky box of opportunities to do something unusual this past week was an injection of good fun at the very right time for us.

What can you do this week that is novel and unusual?

Until next time.

Yours in feeling,
Chantal & Matthew

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