A system upgrade, an important question and an invitation

Coughs and sneezes dotted a week of major upgrades, working on Mental Health Awareness Month, launching a first retreat and speaking about friends. And of course there is also sports news.

After four years of being uber healthy, including ducking the big C-19, Chantal was laid low with the onslaught of a sinus infection. She spent most of the week wading through the mud of a bunged up nose, stuffed ears, hoarse voice and bleary eyes.

“This is great,” Chantal croaked.

“Speak up, I can’t hear what you are saying,” responded Matthew.

“I was trying to say,” She boomed louder, (it sounded like booming to her, but probably was a slightly louder version of the hoarse croak) “That I have had a full frontal attack of the senses - I cannot taste very well, I smell very little, I can’t hear much, can barely speak and now I have pink eye and can’t see great either!”

“Yup, it’s a big upgrade,” nodded Matthew sagely.

“Well if I only have to endure this every four years, I’ll take it.” *sniff, cough, sneeze*


It’s a wonder that Matthew gets any work done, with Pumpkin lying around!

What are you doing?

While working through her system upgrade, which tends to be a solitary and self focused affair, life on the other side of the recovery room door continued. Matthew had to do much of it on his own but Chantal did manage to crawl out of her cave to engage around Mental Health Awareness Month in October. Were you aware of this Month? What are you doing to raise awareness in your environment? We are curious and would very much like to know.

Our experience is that big business plays lip service to their employees' mental health and wellbeing. They hope that the Employee Assistance Provider that they pay a not insignificant amount to each month will allow them to tick that box. Bzzt - wrong! That’s a reactive response, mainly misunderstood, somewhat distrusted and largely underutilised. So, once again with attitude: What are you doing about raising awareness, supporting and educating your environment about building emotional fitness? As we said, we are curious and would very much like to know. If you are at a loss, you know where to come to.


Matthew making some new friends and sharing ideas at a local community food garden

The Embroidery of Friendship

Our podcast this week, which we managed to record, husky voice, the odd cough, splutter, sneeze and all, is about the importance of building friendships. We reminisced about the friends we had made, and lost, over the years. We all know how wonderful it is to have good, close friends. They add warmth, comfort, colour and joy to our existence. They are the embroidery on the tablecloth of our lives.

When we lose a friend it creates a small tear. A schism formed through the unpicking of the relationship. Although it can hurt and while it leaves a gap, as time passes it adds texture. As we softly run our hands over the slits and bubbles in the fabric, may they remind us of what we learnt from those relationships and those people and allow us to take time to appreciate and honour them.


Vredefort Dome, the transformational space for our transformational retreat.

Our first retreat - you're invited!

The most exciting news of this week is that we have launched the marketing of our first retreat to be held at the end of September. We have crafted a deeply immersive experience that will be held in mountains millennia old, in the Vredefort Dome, near Parys. In an environment scattered with the debris of an event that transformed the earth, the sacred energy of potential and rebirth hangs heavy in the air, a perfect place for personal transformation and change. Look out for the invitation.

In the sports news, South Africa had a good showing this weekend. South Africa gave England a right sending off to win the Cricket T20 series. Newbie, Tristan Stubbs made the most impressive dive catch that had even the English supporters on their feet in applause. We love our rugby and that includes Sevens’ and our gold medal winners at the Commonwealth Games. Go Blitzbokke!!

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