Supporting those who support others at LifeLine Johannesburg

Shape of Emotion care workshop for LifeLine counsellors in Johannesburg

We recently held another Shape of Emotion workshop at LifeLine Johannesburg.

Supporting those who support others

LifeLine Johannesburg offers 24 /7 emotional wellness support via telephone and face-to-face. Research has shown that counsellors who have repeated exposure to stressful events, traumatic stories and being witness to suffering that one can do little about, can often feel helpless and hopeless.

Fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia and emotional numbness are some of the symptoms of a carer or counsellor who has cared or provided too much support for others at their own expense. In the busyness of stressful professional responsibilities and the multiple demands of life, the carer’s or counsellor’s own inner needs are often neglected.

5th Place has developed a training programme specifically for caregivers, counsellors and wellness practitioners called Shape of Emotion care. We were privileged to run this workshop for LifeLine counsellors on 8 June, 2019.

Great feedback & thanks

Some of the feedback from participants for this Shape of Emotion care workshop:

The experience of Shape of Emotion was the best part of the workshop

I really liked the “dialing-up” part of Shape of Emotion

A really good way to work with challenging emotions

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