Would you like a super power?

When you think of superhuman powers, it’s usually the physical ones that come to mind. What if I offered you a superpower that works on the inside. A superpower that’s right at your fingertips, ready to assist in times of need.

When you think of superhuman powers, it’s usually the physical ones that come to mind. Strength – the Hulk holding up a massive truck in each hand before he throws them across the city, speed – Flash, the Scarlet Speedster, zipping from place to place so fast all you see is a blur; flight – Captain Marvel surging into space and the x-ray vision of Superman who is able to see through walls, and other physical objects.

As it stands pretty much all of this is outside the reach of us mere mortals. The closest we could get is perhaps strength and speed, and these come from long hours of intense and grueling physical fitness training.

What if I offered you a superpower that works on the inside?

It’s a superpower that boosts your health and gives you clarity of thinking, especially under pressure. It enables you to do more in less time. It gives you the ability to love more, listen more and be more. It assists with feeling small, insecure and afraid. It enables possibility. A super power that’s right at your fingertips, ready to assist in times of need.

It’s a superpower that’s been dormant, waiting inside for you to unlock it and depending on your perspective and thoughts around deities and religion, you could even say that this superpower will make you more God-like. Again, not in the physical sense, rather in the likeness that is God*. Your innate abilities of empathy, compassion, forgiveness, love, kindness, joy and other beautifully similar abilities will flow naturally from you.

Would you be interested in such a super power?

If you answered yes, then be aware that like all good superpowers, it comes with a rite of passage. Some training is required to become skillful and proficient in its use. It’s not for the faint hearted. An open mind and heart is needed to fully master its powers.

For those of you that know us and our work, you can probably guess what we are referring to. Yes, it’s Shape of Emotion.

It’s been four fascinating years since our pilot workshop where we tentatively shared with the world what we had created. We’ve been privileged since then to witness many people take up their Shape of Emotion superpower and transform the experience of their lives. This week has been no exception. A regular attendee of our Emotional Fitness Classes shared just how transformative Shape of Emotion has been for her and how it has engendered emotional shifts that have vastly improved the quality and connectedness of her life.

And talking of connectedness, it’s been a flurry of almost last minute activity around two lovely pending events. Matthew’s parents are arriving today for a holiday from France. We’ve spent a bit of time cleaning, mending, and sprucing up the space where they will be living. Chantal’s daughter ties the knot next week and the heady fragrance of romance (along with a hint of mild panic) is thick in the air.

As we busy ourselves in preparation for another busy day making the world a better place, we leave you with this question: Are you ready to take up your superpower?

* Genesis 1:26 – “Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness…”

This mini audio-course on How to master your emotions comprises 10 modules where you will learn about the science of how emotions are made, the importance of being able to regulate how you feel and a way to work with emotions that is both easy to learn and easy to use. You will also be introduced to Shape of Emotion.

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