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A new year brings new opportunities to plan and dream. Here’s an overview of the seven step outline Matthew uses with his clients. By using it you too can achieve your goals and dreams in 2022.

Welcome to another new year. Yes, we are well and truly into 2022, which we hope will be a better, more supportive and successful year than the last two that we have crawled through.

It does feel lighter. Schools are opening. Children and young people are going back to being in class and with their friends. Some of you may have already started going back to the office or have a hybrid arrangement. The roads are busier, the drivers much worse, and stress levels may already be rising.

So what can you do differently this year to attend to yourself, manage your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and re-establish connections and build community again?

Do you have the desire to set new goals, resolutions and plans? Yes, it is that time again. Whatever you want to achieve, change or do, remember that if you really want to make this year a different one, then you will need to do something different. These wise words from Jessie Potter really sum it up: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.”

A new year brings new opportunities to plan and dream. Here Matthew offers an overview of the seven step outline that he uses with his clients. By using it you too can achieve your goals and dreams in 2022.

Did you know that most resolutions don’t make it past the beginning of February with a few even dropping off by mid-January? If you want your goals, resolutions and outcomes to stick, then here are a few ideas that I find useful. I suggest reading through the suggestions first then make the time to do each one.

What do I want?

Get clear on what it is you want to achieve. Take the time to visualise yourself in this place as if you have already achieved it. If you want to lose weight, as an example, imagine what a thinner version of you looks like. What are you wearing? Notice how your attitude adjusts from the place of having reached your goal. Engage as many of your senses as possible in the process of visualising. And then pick one or two people you really trust and get them involved in the scene. Have them shower accolades and praise on you for doing an amazing job of reaching your goal or outcome. What does it feel like having done it?

Put pen to paper

Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. In other words, write it down. Write down the experience of what you just visualised about your goal, destination or achievement. The best place to do this is in a journal or something similar. You can then come back at a later date and reflect on the journey and progress you have made.

Add a date

When would you like to have achieved this goal or outcome by? Make it a manageable time-frame but also one that stretches you. Remember that achieving success with your chosen goal, resolution or outcome will take effort and discipline.

Other resources

The best resource to attain your resolution and goal is you. This may not be so obvious but as I’ve said before, you have everything inside you to achieve whatever you want. There may be some other things you need. What might these be? Make a list of them. It could include money, people, abilities, and so on. Take some time to visualise how each of these resources will positively impact and assist you in reaching your desired outcome.

Attend to the “yes, but…” voice

This is a key step to do. In my experience the things that will get in the way of you attaining your resolution, outcome or goal is connected to the way you feel about it. Some of these you may be aware of, others may be unconscious. If you want to really amplify the possibilities around you successfully achieving your goal, then absolutely make sure you do this step.

First, go back to what you wrote down or journaled. As you read it, allow any and all negative thoughts to surface. Let them come, warts and all. Don’t block anything. Make a list of what these little naysayers are. Next to each item on this list write down what each one makes you feel.

Next, and this is the really important part, use Shape of Emotion (our tool and process for letting go of negative emotions and feelings) to clear each feeling until you can look at each item on the list and feel neutral about it. Remember the easiest and most accessible way to use Shape of Emotion is by attending an Emotional Fitness Class.

Do something every day

I love nature and draw inspiration from her. Most of the time change in nature occurs in small steps, consistently. Make sure you do the same. You only need to be consistent 80% of the time. This will be enough.

Take some time every day, to connect with the image of you being and living your goal. And then take action every day to bring it into reality just a little more.

Take the step that is in front of you

What’s the one thing you can do right now to move yourself closer to our desired outcome? Do it. Take the step that is in front of you.

If you want support in working on your goals and outcomes, please feel free to connect with either of us. And here’s our wish for you for this year:

We wish you a different 2022, one filled with hope and dreams fulfilled. May your journey in 2020 take you to the most amazing and inspirational places. Here’s to you living your best life (#LiveYourbestLife) in 2022.

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