When things splutter and stall

Ever had a week of hiccups and scrapes? Where nothing flows and it feels like you are falling over everything and falling out with everyone? We had one. It was not pretty. We survived to tell the tale.

Last week did not go smoothly. Nothing flowed. Things seemed to splutter and stall. They tripped over each other and fell, legs at angles, knees grazed. It was not a pretty sight.

It started at our favourite restaurant. We go there most Saturday mornings for breakfast. This particular Saturday it was cool and overcast, only half the tables were taken. We were energised and eager for breakfast. The kitchen was sloppy and slow, unfocused and ultimately dismissive. Food arrived late and cold with an excuse that was so nonsensical we just laughed. It felt disrespectful of us, as well as of the owners, who were not there at the time, and the waitering staff.

Bumbling and hobbling along

The rest of the week bumbled and hobbled along. A new website hosting platform simply did not deliver on any of their promises. Nor did they respond to requests for clarity. They had the volume turned real low on their client service channel. Matthew walked around in circles trying to not pull out the little hair he has.

Website clients who have taken months to respond to calls for content, suddenly woke up and wanted action in ten minutes. Others changed course at the eleventh hour adding a set of requirements that threatened to trip up the impending, long awaited, launch date.

Emails went missing in that deep, dark, dank cave of nothingness. Calls didn’t come through. Clients missed appointments or turned up late. Five online orders all arrived on the same day, sending us skittering and climbing over each other to stop incessant intercom bells. Two of the orders had missing items or the wrong one. The volume settings on those client service channels were set to “do not disturb” or a different language.

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

And then the rain. We’re not complaining, But. Our beautifully, painstakingly, lovingly laid vegetable garden full and flush with produce had hoards of uninvited critters move in to enjoy the harvest. No matter, we thought, puffing out our chests, this year we are prepared! We have the organic sprays, the beneficial insects, the slug pellets.

We were prepared, if not for the rain. As fast as we sprayed, the rain washed off. The critters settled in filling their fat bellies and leaving gaping holes in the overflowing leaves. Aphids scuttled, smirking, under every broad leaf. The butter lettuce and rocket sat sulky and waterlogged and started to rot.

I blamed it all on the solar eclipse that only the penguins could see, and shrugged and muttered and made more tea. Matthew scowled and blew and stamped off more mud. We went to sleep early and woke up still tired. But we crawled through the week and landed, butt first at our favourite restaurant again. And everything changed.

Mostly can be so good!

The sun came out, our food was hot and prompt. We changed back to the original hosting platform and were welcomed back with open ears and smiling service. Clients apologized, emails were found and mostly things started flowing again. Most, not all. But most is good enough right now.

As we near the middle of the month and the end of the year, the events of last week are a reminder that even the bumpiest weeks will end, and even the most difficult years will close out. The events are also a reminder that it is time to take a break. We are looking forward to ours and hope that you are too.

Until next time.

Yours in feeling,
Matthew & Chantal

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