The intricacies of unfolding expectations

Unusual gameplay by the Springboks mirrors 5th Place's traction hurdles. This compels us on a quest for understanding and acceptance amidst the challenges of achieving goals.

It’s me, Matthew, in the hot seat for this week’s issue of Enabling the How. Chantal is taking a well earned break from slaving away at the keyboard. I hope I can do justice to her eloquent boots and fill them almost as well!

Last week, the anticipation was palpable as we tuned in to watch the Springboks play against Ireland. The pre-game narrative was anchored on a particular style of play, one that had previously smashed the All Blacks and led to their greatest ever defeat. However, this was not the narrative that played out on the field. South Africa seemed to adopt a mixed- masala type of game filled with inconsistent plays and approaches. While Ireland emerged as worthy victors, the game left us, Chantal and Matthew, feeling both frustrated and confused. Upon reflection, we began to wonder if perhaps the coaching staff were following a different agenda.


Connecting personal experiences

The past week at 5th Place has been challenging. Despite finally receiving some validation for our work, gaining consistent traction still remains a hurdle. The mixed gameplay of the Springboks against Ireland mirrored our situation, where despite a well-thought-out approach, the outcome wasn’t as expected. However, it's the lessons learned from these unexpected situations that we are using to enrich our journey. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy looking across the years of our work and still wondering where it is all going to end up.


Amidst the stillness, a lizard basks in the sun atop an aloe leaf—embracing the warmth, yet ready to dart into the unknown.

Exploration of acceptance and trust

The power of acceptance has been a salient lesson this week. Embracing the reality of our situation, both the wins and the hurdles, has been an enlightening one, even if it’s been a bit painful too.

Trusting in our process, believing that the path we are on will lead to our desired outcomes, has bolstered our resolve. The Springboks’ game served as a reminder that even when things don't go as planned, there's a larger picture that perhaps we can't yet fully see.

The power of accumulated effort

The game also underscored the importance of consistency, small steps, and the accumulation of effort. Each play on the rugby field, whether successful or not, is a part of a larger strategy, much like our daily efforts at 5th Place. The cumulative power of habits, consistent efforts, and small steps forward, even in the face of challenges, is what propels us towards our long-term goals.


Growing food entails a blend of trust and effort; the yield is always a surprise. As we delve deeper into Spring, our food garden flourishes, showcasing a vibrant display.

Reflecting forward

So, were the coaching staff up to something else? Only time will tell—much like the efforts we put in at 5th Place to reach our goals and traverse our challenges. The game has reiterated that the journey, with its ups and downs, is as significant as the destination. Each twist and turn, whether on the rugby field or in our professional journey, presents its own set of learnings. It's a reminder that sometimes the journey itself is as enriching and important as the destination it leads to.

As we reflect on these experiences, we invite you, our readers, to also pause and consider your own challenges. Are there instances where stepping back and viewing the bigger picture can provide a fresh perspective? Even when the path seems tough and the outcome uncertain, keeping the faith and trusting the process can unveil valuable insights and propel us forward.

Until next time, may we all embrace the lessons from our respective fields, trust the process, and keep the faith as we navigate towards our envisioned destinations.

Yours in feeling,
Matthew & Chantal

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