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Entering 2021 was never going to be a walk in the park or on the beach, for that matter. But most of us were hopeful.

Entering 2021 was never going to be a walk in the park or on the beach, for that matter. But most of us were hopeful. After experiencing the relative “freedom” of Level 1 Lockdown in South Africa it was a nasty surprise to have Level 3 smacked back on us. It shouldn’t have been unexpected, what with the soaring infection levels and the denial and rebellion that made for lowering of guards and flouting of care.

After months of having our lives curtailed, after a year of being locked in and locked out it was no wonder that so many people went a bit mad. What better way to forget our troubles than to party hard? It was the festive season after all. But, by throwing ourselves into larger and larger crowds, showing the middle finger to the law, the limitations and the small life we had had to endure, the virus partied too. Making unwelcome friends with thousands more and impacting millions.

The challenge is to stay emotionally centred, physically well

It’s hard not to get despondent, it’s difficult not to despair. Our desire to see other people, to get out and socialise is as strong as the fear of contracting the virus. No-one wants to get sick, even though we know the majority of us recover fully.

The difficulty is, if the persistent narrative pervading our space keeps ramming home how bad things are, how awful the future, how little we can trust and how scared we should be, how can we be motivated to do anything?

The challenge, as always, is to stay emotionally centred and physically well. We need this to be motivated and proactive. We need this so that we can rise above the chaos. On this basis we invite you to join us in changing the narrative.

Focus on the positive rather than the fear

At the end of last year we piloted a programme with the working title, Conversation and Meditation Circle that was born out of the desire to shift perspective and re-energise. It was offered as an opportunity to meet in person in a small group, most of us having been “zoomed” out, to connect, meditate and have deep, facilitated conversations that focused on the positive rather than the fear. The results were transformational.

People were exhausted so we did not have a big take up on our offer. It didn’t matter because those that did join us were able to take action and make shifts that were sustainable. Creativity was sparked and ideas that were seeded at the sessions grew and became a reality. Suddenly life wasn’t so bleak. Suddenly there was renewed hope.

Seeding circles for a better world

This year we are offering the programme officially. As there is still no end in sight for the rolling waves of Covid we have converted the programme to an online series. Named Seeding Circles*, because we use them to seed a better world, they run over five weeks. Each session is two hours in duration, held at this stage in the early evening – we may be in lockdown level three but many of us still have a day’s work to do. Groups will stay small to ensure time for meaningful sharing.

This is no passive, stare at the screen and listen while you do your nails or play a game, programme. It requires active engagement and is an opportunity for like minded individuals to come together to connect, build community, work on possibilities, attend to their wellbeing and give an equal amount of time to the good in the world.

The programme will start on the 24th February and continue for five weeks to the end of March. Time 17h30 – 19h30. We have partnered with Claire Holden of Change in Mindset Journals and will be using her Goal Edition Journals to support this programme. Cost, including the journal, is R3250,00. (Delivery of journals outside of South Africa will be an additional cost).

For more information or to book email [email protected] or Whatsapp 0829012404.

*Seeding Circle is 5th Place‘s newest offering and another way to make the world a better place.

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