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Having a purpose is important but not that easy to attain. Like dipping a toe into a cold river it can be uncomfortable. It takes work to live a purposeful life but it is very worth it.

How often have we been told that the path to happiness and fulfilment is in finding our purpose. If you have purpose you have meaning and you are set. But how many of us know what that purpose is?

You may sense that there is something deep inside you that, once unlocked, will give you direction. You may know what you love to do but flounder around wondering how it fits with a purpose. You may yearn to know why you are actually on this earth but before you get there you need to pay the rent.


Having a purpose is important

Having a clear purpose in life is important for many reasons. Let's have a look at some:

Having a purpose is like having a compass that can provide direction, help you set meaningful goals and guide your decisions and actions. It can be powerfully motivating, the reason to get out of bed in the morning to work towards something meaningful.
You are more resilient and can work through challenges and setbacks because you have a reason to keep going, even when things get tough. Especially when things get tough. It often involves personal growth and development because you are pushed to learn, adapt, and become a better version of yourself.

Having a purpose gives your life a sense of meaning and fulfilment which leads to greater happiness and life satisfaction. It can lower stress levels and even contribute to longevity.

All of which is amazing and great, and yes we want to sign up! If only we knew what our purpose actually was.


Prize giving and a celebration of the first cohort of peer support coaches at St Mary’s School

What is your purpose?

Chantal has long had a relationship with the concept of purpose. She even developed a coaching model called “Coaching on Purpose”, where the aim of the coaching intervention was to assist clients to find their purpose.

It was a long and often windy road to arriving at the point where a client would be able to confidently articulate what their purpose was. Some began the coaching with some idea of what their purpose could be, others started out wishing they had a purpose, and hoped the coaching would help them find it.

Even when the seed, or sprout of a purpose statement started to unfold, it often hit barriers such as the giant feeling of discomfort at doing something very new. Or the lack of trust that they could make it on this path. Or more practically how to transition out of what they were currently doing and into their purpose-driven Work.

“Matthew, what do you believe your purpose is?” asked Chantal, wanting to test her theory.

“I believe my purpose on this earth is to bring the light by supporting people to find their own light and realise their potential. What about you?”

“To be quite honest, I haven’t a clue,” responded Chantal. “I know that the work I do is purposeful, I know that I derive meaning and fulfilment from it. But my purpose in life, not so sure, hey.”

If the work is meaningful then maybe that is the purpose. To be absolutely sure of why we are here on earth is not always that clear but maybe it’s not as important as feeling fulfilled knowing that what we do makes a difference.


Clive celebrated another small harvest of beetroot from our food garden. Did you know that beetroots come in other colours, including yellow, white, pink, and dark purple?

A morning to initiate the process

For those that want something more, that sense something bigger and want to take a step towards purpose and meaning, we, together with Mark, a gifted intuitive, facilitate a morning workshop that initiates the process.

The trick is to get out of our heads and into our bodies, harnessing spirit and intuition. Opening up to the messages from the quantum field. And listening. Really listening. Which is hard to do when there is so much interference in the airwaves, distractions on screens, and noise in society.

In addition, pursuing one's purpose is a process that, although inspired by an event, is not enough to keep the fires burning to fuel the progress. Once out of the quiet and comfort of the circle, once back on the road and in the groove of “real” life, things risk just going back to the same old, same old. The well worn path is easy, if dull and unmotivating, to walk.

When we dip our toes in the crisp waters of the river of purpose we may pull back at the shock of the cold and never go back. We need to keep dipping, s-l-o-w-l-y lowering more and more of us into the new and different. We may gasp, flail, then as we acclimatise, start paddling, moving slowly, then with more confidence glide through the water, until we are swimming with ease and going with the flow.


Our upcoming workshops that support you to find your purpose: 4 November, 18 November & 24 November

Takes effort, practice and commitment

To do this requires practice, reminders to get back in. Encouragement to stay a while, even support, or coaching to keep on track. Few give themselves this time and investment, because that is what it takes to rise above the mundane and humdrum to reach one’s real potential.

Each of us has the sliver of light in us, that talent, that thing that we bring to the world, but it requires work to get it to shine brightly. To do any Work of significance, effort has to be put in. No top athlete got there by sleeping in late or missing a training session. Like top performers, anyone pursuing their purpose, which equates to working to their full potential, means they have to be physically, mentally as well as emotionally fit.

This is what is often overlooked, misunderstood and not grasped when looking through dream-tinted glasses towards more meaning. Even when we do work that is purposeful and full of significance, getting to that flow state takes effort, practice and commitment. Like striving for that gold medal, the training in our river of purpose, can be arduous, tiring and even painful. And very, very worth it.

If you have a sense that there is something more out there for you, that there is something bigger and deeper to dive into, remember the water may be cold to start. Keep on going, don’t jump out. Join a team of others on the same journey. Build that fitness.

You are training to become a changer of the world. A gold medal changer. The world needs you to cross your finish line in first place.

Until next time.

Yours in feeling,
Matthew & Chantal

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