Faith’s unfolding impact

At a recent workshop, the transformative power of showing up and trusting the journey becomes evident. One attendee's life-changing experience creates a ripple effect and reaffirms the impact of collective faith.

Life is a journey, isn't it? And the beauty of it lies in its unpredictable twists and turns - you never know what lies around the next bend, a beautiful vista, a spectacular landscape or perhaps even a challenge. The key thing here is to "keep the faith," as it were, and stay in your lane. You do your bit and leave the rest up to God, the Universe, or fate—whichever word and definition is most apt for your particular spiritual or secular persuasion.

Take our recent workshop, held this past Saturday, as a case in point. We serendipitously met Mark some months back and felt perhaps that he was a kindred spirit. After a few meetings we felt drawn to do something together. If you had asked us what this collaboration looked like exactly, we would have said: “we’ve got no real idea!” But as we journeyed together, meeting regularly, a vision emerged. We were inspired to run a workshop together, us and Mark, aimed at helping people who felt adrift or had lost their sense of purpose. The function and idea of the workshop was to inspire these people to find their mojo again and get back on track and start living more fulfilling lives. A noble outcome, right!


During the brainstorming and planning sessions all three of us took inspiration from where we could find it, including exercising some latent abilities and long-hidden personal talents to ask questions into the void and get answers.

Were the answers accurate? Heck, we had no idea. Would it work? No idea. Would people show up? Again, no idea. We were really running on faith that what we had been inspired to create, promote and facilitate would attract those who needed it. In the immortal words of Elwood Blues, we were “on a mission from God”. And let me tell you, it was a test of faith like no other.

When the Universe responds

On Saturday when we arrived at the venue, which was generously given to us for free just a week before the event, not a single attendee was booked. But in spite of this we showed up, fully and completely, and that's when the magic began to happen.

It was as if the Universe said, "Ah, they've done their part. Now it's our turn." And what did the Universe do? It sent us one attendee—a lone light in the world, dimmed by life's challenges but ready for change. For us, the feeling was a mix of curiosity and relief. As the process unfolded, it became clear that this one person was key to building our confidence that our collaborative offering was right, real, and doing what it was intended for.


This AMA-zing workshop changes lives and could be for you!

The transformative power of one

The feedback from our lone attendee at the end of the workshop was nothing short of transformative. From the powerful meditations to the uplifting experience, the whole thing had been positive and life changing. It was a reminder of the human potential for resilience and growth. As far as we felt in our reflections afterwards, the workshop was not just another event; it was a manifestation of our collective faith and effort. The emotional impact was profound for us three as well, from the test of faith to the synchronicities that guided us along.

The ripple effect in action

The ripple effect of our workshop experience is immeasurable, and it's all thanks to that one attendee. The meditations that we spontaneously facilitated and shared, “downloading them” on the fly were inspirational. The environmental noises from rubble removal crashes and bashes to not so ambient traffic roars and rushes adding to their effectiveness. Our one attendee vowed to be back for the next workshop, whenever that was and even planned to bring friends along too.

This is the kind of impact we're talking about—one person's life changed, and now they're spreading the word, not only creating a ripple effect that will likely lead to more attendees and more lives touched in our future workshops but also re energised and revitalised to reconnect to their life’s purpose. In doing so they’re already finding more ways to expand their particular skill set and do more work of meaning, both for themselves and their clients.


The AMA-zing trio who journeyed on faith (and coffee) to bring this workshop to life!

Echoes from the past

In our last article we talked about the intricacies of unfolding expectations, touching on themes like unexpected outcomes, the importance of acceptance, and trust in the process. This workshop was a living testament to those themes. We faced many unexpected outcomes—no venue until the last minute, only one attendee, hesitancy about our offer, and skills—but accepted it as part of our journey. We trusted the process, and it led us to a meaningful experience that reaffirmed our purpose for the collaboration and meeting of Mark. It was a small but significant step in our larger strategy, reminding us that the journey itself is as enriching as the destination.

The road ahead

As we look forward to more workshops of this nature and the follow-on ones. Yes this was just the first part of what we had been “asked” to design together with Mark, we're reminded that sometimes all it takes is showing up and trusting the journey.

The impact of a single workshop, a single attendee, can be far-reaching. So, the next time you find yourself questioning your path, remember this: the journey is filled with unexpected but enriching experiences. And who knows? The Universe might just have some beautiful surprises in store for you, just as it did for us.

Until next time.

Yours in feeling,
Matthew & Chantal


P.S. If this workshop sounds like something you'd like to attend, drop us a line and we’ll share dates for the next one.

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