Doing it on our own

We have reproduced our mini audio-course “How to Master your Emotions” on our own platform, added a few bonus tracks and offer it to you here with a little gift to celebrate the holidays!

My son recently moved into his own apartment. It’s the first time he will be going it alone. The first time he will be working out his own routines, doing his own grocery shopping and his own cleaning.

He did spend a significant time on his own in his dad’s house but it’s different when you have someone else’s established routines to follow, someone else’s grocery cupboard to replenish, and someone else’s housekeeper to let in. It helps that there is some understanding of how it was done to model off but it still takes some testing and trialling to get things to work the way you want them to.

So it is with us. We developed, produced and launched our first audio course through Insight Timer. We used their required format, their platform and their marketing. It is working and we have just over 300 people that have purchased the course.

We want to do it on our own too

We do, however, want to do it on our own too. So we have. We have reproduced the audio course on our own platform, added a few bonus tracks and offer it to you here — How to Master your Emotions

As we come to the end of the year, how are you feeling? We are feeling tired. It has been two very long, challenging and exhausting years. Two years of massive upheaval, great uncertainty, and deep loss. Like us, you are probably looking forward to a period of rest.

A client of mine recently reflected that they have reached the end of the year, more tired, fed up and irritable than ever before. While really looking forward to their break they are carefully considering how to manage their energy levels next year in order to sustain themselves throughout what will be a very “hectic” time.

We need to look out for ourselves first

Very few of us have been taught how to appropriately express, manage and regulate our emotions. Many of us forget that we need to look out for ourselves first before we look out for everybody else. Many of us use rather unresourceful ways to deal with the way we feel.

In this course you are offered an opportunity to listen to a different perspective. You are invited to relax, sit back and listen to short bite sized lessons, full of interesting titbits that you can reflect on while you get dressed or pause for a cup of tea. Easy to engage with, light and energising, this is the perfect gift to give yourself.

As a small gift from us, for the month of December, we are offering you a 20% discount on the course. Use this coupon code: OnOwn2021.

How to master Your Emotions

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