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Our working space is getting a bit cramped. Some delightful inspiration for a new one unexpectedly comes along. The Week That Was finds out more.

Our working space is getting a bit cramped. Some delightful inspiration for a new one unexpectedly comes along. The Week That Was finds out more.

Inspiration can be unexpected

Inspiration can be unexpected and come in the most interesting of forms. For a while now we have been working out of a tiny room, sharing a desk, squashed between stuffed bookcases and a leering great white board on the one side and over-full drawers and a cupboard with a door that doesn’t close on the other. The white board is an ever-present reminder of what we still have not done. We take turns in rewriting the lists and boxes, moving them around, using different colours in a desperate attempt to make out as if we are actually getting to everything (ha!). Occasionally, too occasionally, it offers us the gleeful opportunity to wipe something off it’s over satisfied face – sorry, off the very-long list.

What are we looking for?

It is clear that we will need to look for help soon. It is clear that the space is not going to expand to accommodate said helper. We have been looking for a new home for 5th Place. When I first moved into this delightful little suburb, I knew that I was going to have to kiss quite a few apartment frogs before I found my prince. I did and I found my sweet, sunny, safe spot. That process has had to start all over again. The frogs are bigger and uglier and many.

Desperate marketers want to know exactly what we are looking for so that they can find it for us. “I am very fussy,” I say to the fiftieth estate agent. I exaggerate – but not about being fussy. “I want something in this area, not that, or that. I want a small-ish property with a biggish house – to work from home. Lots of light, at least one working stand alone shower and lots of space for parking.” Easy. Not. Ten, twelve, fifteen houses later… nothing suitable.

When everything changes

From here a visit to new friends. A surprise tour through a rambling permaculture garden, a beautiful guest cottage and a naturally filtered pool. All hidden and unexpected. All delightful and energising. We left with shining eyes and beating hearts. We came to connect with new friends, we left inspired. We’d found a 5th Place made real. Really.

Then one day last week everything changed. The day started off viewing a small-ish property with a biggish house. Renovated with no thought. And I mean no thought. Amongst other things the inlet tap for the washing machine and dishwasher was not there. Forgotten. So how? I don’t know. And the outdoor shower stood underneath a tree dropping copious leaves and little black berries – lovely!

Making 5th Place real

The house we saw right after this (smallish property, biggish house) did not have a chance. It wilted in comparison. We dragged ourselves to the last viewing of the day. It was in the wrong street, on the wrong side of the suburb, a big, old house, on a bigger property. Ugly carport, slasto, mismatched tiles, an old kitchen, older bathrooms. Do you remember turquoise blue baths? This house has one. Also a sprawling backyard of grass and more slasto. Completely wrong.

And yet. And yet… it has so much potential. Lots of work but the inklings of a 5th Place made real in this part of town. Space to invite participants to one-on-one sessions, space for group classes and workshops. Space for a beautiful garden to retreat into. Space to invite people to stay for a while. We left with shining eyes and beating hearts. The offer has been made. I call it cheeky, Matthew calls it just right. Who knows?

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. It’s energy imbues even more unexpected places with a magic that can do remarkable things. Are you ready to join us for the ride?

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