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Matthew was privileged to be interviewed for a podcast about Shape of Emotion, 5th Place and how we got here!

We have no idea if that’s how it goes. If we think back to all the movies we’ve watched it sounds plausible enough so let’s stick with it.

And just what are we live with? Matthew was privileged to be interviewed for a podcast about Shape of Emotion, 5th Place and how we got here.

The podcast series is produced by Kevin Da Costa who runs the Kevlar Project. The series aims to bring a variety of perspectives and people to the microphone where they can share something interesting, innovative or ingenious.

The podcast is an easy listen – you can run it in the background while making a meal or sit with a cup of your best and immerse yourself in it. There are some nuggets of wisdom in it too, including what a more appropriate response is to social media when someone says or does something you don’t like. You’ll hear about Matthew’s journey to the dark side and back as well as learn about 5th Place’s forthcoming book. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts.

Talking of being in the public eye, last week we ran another Emotional Fitness Class+ which is the same type of class we run weekly and online but this one is done face-to-face with a group of people and includes a talk on emotions. The class was presented at a weekly support group for depression and anxiety.

It was a resounding success with some interesting insights from the participants. They were curious as to why psychologists don’t use Shape of Emotion or why addiction clinics don’t either. We had a frank discussion about the newness of Shape of Emotion plus that it could be viewed as competitive. This is the last thing we want – to be seen as competitive or anti-psychologist. We see a place for all types of support and assistance in the anxiety and depression space including talk therapy, art, drama and movement. Shape of Emotion is a process that can be added to the toolbox of any psychologist, counsellor or coach.

One participant shared a beautiful realisation that in order for Shape of Emotion to “get out there” they need to do some promotion and sharing about how effective it was for their emotion regulation.

The experience is also in line to take the top spot in our hit parade of challenging spaces in which we have run Emotional Fitness Classes, but that story will have to wait for another day.

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