Shape of Emotion – It starts with me SACAP talk

A Shape of Emotion talk at SACAP's festival of learning in Rosebank.

Another opportunity to share our work and our journey at the 2019 SACAP Festival of Learning.

The only place to start is with me

We’d been invited to present at the South African College of Applied Psychology’s 2019 Festival of Learning. After some deliberation between us, we opted to present a mini Emotional Fitness Class followed by a short talk and the a question session.

It’s always easier to relate to the Shape of Emotion process and what it can do once you’ve experienced it. Chantal  invited the participants to close their eyes, go within and connect with a difficult feeling they’d like to release and let go. We did two wings, just enough of a taste to pique interest taste and then shared our journey from the trauma of the townships to a tried and tested method that has positively impacted hundreds of lives so far.

The response was overwhelmingly positive (it mostly is) and we were grateful to share this incredible tool with a few more people.

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