Partners for Possibility business partner

In a sudden, exciting, turn of events, I have been gifted the opportunity of being a Partners for Possibility (PfP) business partner. 

In a sudden, exciting, turn of events, I have been gifted the opportunity of being a Partners for Possibility (PfP) business partner.

Partners for Possibility

Partners for Possibility is a transformational leadership development experience with the objective of developing conscious leaders who collaborate effectively for the benefit of their organisations and communities.

PfP has been contributing to the transformation of education in South Africa one school at a time through its internationally recognised leadership development initiative. The success of the programme lies in its partnership process, which joins business leaders with principals from under-resourced schools in South Africa. In a year-long journey, the two leaders collaborate to make a sustainable impact on the school community and the quality of education at the school. Since its inception, the programme has positively impacted thousands of learners across the country by focusing on leaders as agents of change.

Emseni primary school

The principal in my partnership is Nqobile Nxumalo from Emseni primary school. We are one of 7 in our circle of partnerships.

Nqobile Nxumalo, principal of Emseni Primary School
Matthew and Nqobi

Europ Assistance

None of this would be possible without the kind sponsorship for the partnership given by Europ Assistance South Africa. Europ Assistance provided the generous funding for the year-long partnership.

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