Moving from wishing to being

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n a warm Saturday morning at the tail end of September, a small group of women started their journey to understanding and working with their inner world of feelings and emotions. Another Shape of Emotion Level 1 Foundation Course was once again held in the leafy suburb of Linden, Johannesburg.


A new way to deal with stress, anxiety & other difficult emotions

Grounding exercises, a body scan and deep breathing started the process of connecting them with their bodies. "When someone asks me where in my body my emotion is, I cannot tell them," said one of the participants. But after a little explaining and some initial support in guiding her through the first two steps of the Shape of Emotion process, she was immediately able to access the emotion being worked with. "I feel it, and see it," she said with some surprise.

This is a typical response once the preconceived ideas of emotions and feelings are out of the way and participants are actively engaging with the Shape of Emotion process.

Shape of Emotion Level 1 Foundation. 29 September, 2018
Shape of Emotion Level 1 Foundation. 29 September, 2018

The participants for this Level 1 Foundation course came from backgrounds ranging from hard core corporate health and safety environments to nursing and caregiving.

Some of their feedback:

This workshop was really interesting. The experience and value I got out of it for being more able to handle feelings / emotions better made it time and money well spent.

This was a warm and gentle introduction to a technique that can move you from wishing to being.

Shape of Emotion is a way to address the impact that difficult emotions like stress and anxiety (amongst others) have on individuals. It's content-free, gentle, safe, easy to learn and use and quickly clears the effects of difficult emotions allowing for a return to a centred, resourceful state.

5th Place offers a variety of ways to learn more about Shape of Emotion. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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