Emotions Matter – Really! Our talk at Nova Studio

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n Friday October 11th, 5th Place had an amazing opportunity. We were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of Shape of Emotion; and how attending to your emotions improves your overall quality of life.


Our talk at Nova Studio covered the science and research behind emotions. It looked at the effect emotions have on our mental and physical wellbeing as well what happens when we try to bury, avoid or numb negative emotions.

We introduced Shape of Emotion as a tool and process used to release and let go of stuck emotions which allow for a return to a resourceful, centred state with a greater capacity and capability to make positive decisions and behavioural changes.

The audience were taken through a taster of the Shape of Emotion process to experience its effectiveness firsthand.

"What we experience as an emotion or a feeling is also a mechanism for activating a particular neuronal circuit - simultaneously throughout the brain and body - which generates a behavior involving the whole creature."


-Candace Pert




Congratulations to Kate for winning the 5th Place gift voucher prize!


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