But wait, there’s more….

An invitation to participate in an experience, the next Shape of Emotion workshop. Our growing community and the appointment of an illustrator. Welcome to The Week That Was.

An invitation to participate in an experience, the next Shape of Emotion workshop. Our growing community and the appointment of an illustrator. Welcome to The Week That Was.

One cannot live by words alone!

You know last week when we said that we don’t just want to market to you? That we want to start a conversation with you and develop a relationship around this work we are doing? We still stand by that, and, fickle us, here is where we admit that we cannot live by words alone. We are not marketing though. Not really. More like inviting you to participate in an experience. We are holding another Shape of Emotion Level 1 Foundation course in Johannesburg on the 27 September and would love to see some of you there.

We have like seriously reduced the price because we get that the economy is in a technical recession and the Rand is looking underfed and overworked. (%#@ those evil currency traders, kicking us when we are down!) But wait, there is more! If the cupboard is looking particularly bare and the kids need new shoes, you can pay off the course in three tranches. And listen, you will learn a fabulous way to deal with all that built up stress and anxiety. You will have the tool forever, it never breaks and works every time. Guaranteed.

But I don’t live in Johannesburg?

If you are longing to attend but don’t live in Johannesburg, save the date, we will be doing a workshop in Cape Town on the 29th October. If you live anywhere else, and can’t face hitching the wagon and trekking north or south, but would like us to explore coming your way, tell us where you are, we love to travel and work.

If you can’t make it but know of others that may be interested please forward to them, we would love to include them in our growing community.

Principle: I am because I feel

At 5th Place we have 12 Principles that underpin the work that we do. Each week we explore a different principle. Last week’s principle was “I am because I feel.”

The feelings we associate with our experiences contribute to our sense of self and our identity. We can use Shape of Emotion to regulate the difficult feelings that hold us back and start to uncover the more generative, whole, perfect human being that we already are. “I am because I feel.”

Exploring the 5th Place principle "I am because I feel"

Exploring the 5th Place principle “I am because I feel”

Our growing community

Talking about a growing community, we revisited our matric group for a debrief, and discovered it had grown by two. We were told by the school counsellor that the Monday after the workshop, the group had told all their friends that they should have attended, that they really missed out. These two came to see what all the fuss was about. We are hoping to grow this community even bigger next year with a broader offering starting earlier in the year.

Tessa, the stylish tyrannosaurus rex and 5th Place’s mascot, is super keen that I do not forget to tell you that we appointed an illustrator who is going to do some really cool illustrations for our 12 Principles. Watch this space. Did you know we have 5 Qualities, 5 Pillars and 12 Principles? No? More about that another time. Right now, sit up, sign up, shape up and see you on the 27th! Learn how to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and conquer difficult emotions

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