How to succeed at everything

To achieve greatness, mastery, goals or any other form of success, it comes down to one simple thing.

Here is a perspective from Matthew on what it takes to consistently perform at your best and achieve your goals.

My approach to helping my clients attain the highest levels of mastery and success in their chosen field is simple. It’s not about what kind of work environment you have, or the biases, perceived and real, against you. It’s not about what kind of boss you have or what the other team is doing. What’s important is you and the way you feel.

I can understand if you think it sounds a little woo-woo. We are just cresting the summit in the mental health arena around normalising that we have emotions and can share when we don’t feel that great. This is an important first step.

If you want to achieve greatness, mastery, goals or any other form of success then a few more steps are required.

I can help you bridge the gap

I focus on supporting people to clear the emotional blocks that are in the way of them doing what they know how to do best. What they have been trained in. I’m not an expert in building a business or crafting a business strategy. I am not a relationship guru. I’m not going to coach you to scoring a better try or hitting a bigger six. I can’t develop a database or program code. Nor am I qualified to build a bridge, but I can bridge the gap in your understanding of what it takes to improve all aspects of your life.

In the end it comes down to the way you feel.

You are uniquely qualified to do your job, whether it is as an elite athlete, manager, c-suite member, parent or partner. What gets in the way of you optimally and resourcefully showing up and delivering your best time and time again?

The way you feel.

Mastery isn’t out there, it’s inside you. It’s buried beneath your layers of belief that if you had a more understanding and empathetic boss; or if the work environment was less toxic and prejudiced; or if only there was less politics and more engagement; or if she (or he) would only change or talk more; or that the other team is better prepared and fitter.

Focussing out there is a hiding to nothing

I’m going to be blunt. Focussing out there is a hiding to nothing. Wanting someone else to change or have a system or environment improve to match your needs is a sure-fire way to not get where you want to be and attain what you want to achieve. It’s moderately arrogant and mildly narcissistic. The world owes you nothing. When you operate from this perspective, your personal power is deferred and deflected and you do yourself a disservice.

Remember, you are a powerful, dynamic and resourceful human being. Everything you need to achieve your aspirations and goals lies within you. You might just need some assistance to unlock it by clearing away layers of emotions that have you believe otherwise. Layers of emotion that directly influence your identity and who you think you are.

This may come as something of a surprise but you are not this identity. You are not your rationality or your brain. You are something far more dynamic, powerful and resourceful.

How do I know? I have seen it. I have been privileged to witness it hundreds of times in the clients and people I work with who consistently show up by coming back to do the work. And what is the work, exactly? To clear the old, outdated and stuck emotions. To remove the limiting beliefs. To forge a new identity where who you are and what you are capable of naturally begins to show up.

Are you with me yet?

I have, almost zealously, espoused it many, many times. Our emotions impact everything we do. Everything from thinking clearly and working under pressure to optimal, vibrant health. After all, what’s the point in being the greatest, building the best or achieving the most, if you aren’t well enough to enjoy it?

If you find it difficult to wrap your head around how important your emotional state is, take a moment and consider the way you feel next time you have a challenge at hand. When you feel great, you and life flow together, in the zone, with the rewards of being in that flow. Now contrast this with the kind of performance you can put in when you feel frayed and stretched.

Are you with me yet?

Emotions are intrinsic to who we are as human beings. Realising your dynamic and powerful potential comes down to acquiring the skill of emotional mastery. And when you do, scaling the heights of your own Everest or boundlessly leaping your tall buildings is as limitless as the sky.

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