Every day is mental health day

World Mental Health Day is a vital reminder of the ongoing need for mental health awareness. But true emotional well-being requires more than a day's attention.

Turning everyday into a Mental Health Journey: your guide to Emotional Fitness

Unlock the secrets to Emotional Fitness and make mental well-being a daily habit, not just a yearly hashtag

Every day is mental health day

Beyond the hashtags and social media posts on mental health day

World Mental Health Day is a vital reminder of the ongoing need for mental health awareness. But true emotional well-being requires more than a day's attention. This article explores how to make mental health a daily priority, moving from awareness to actionable steps.

The shortcomings of a one-day conversation

World Mental Health Day is an essential platform for raising awareness, but it's just the starting point. Focusing on mental health for only one day can create a false sense of accomplishment, much like expecting a single gym session to make you fit. The conversation often lacks depth, sticking to generalities rather than delving into actionable advice.

Social media campaigns, while well-intentioned, can sometimes reduce these complex issues to easily digestible hashtags. This one-day focus can also inadvertently stigmatise mental health by isolating it to a single calendar date.

True progress in mental health, like physical fitness, requires a sustained, year-round effort. Emotional fitness offers a more comprehensive and daily approach to mental well-being. By extending the conversation beyond just October 10th, we can make a lasting impact and foster a culture that values mental health every day.

Make a regular commitment to your wellbeing

Just as physical fitness requires consistent exercise, emotional fitness calls for regular mental and emotional upkeep. One-off efforts, while commendable, are not enough to create lasting change. Emotional fitness is a regular commitment that goes beyond fleeting social media trends. It involves actionable steps that can be incorporated into your daily routine. This regular commitment to your wellbeing is what sets emotional fitness apart from other wellness trends. By making emotional fitness a daily priority, you're investing in a healthier, more resilient you.

World Mental Health Day is a vital reminder of the ongoing need for mental health awareness. But true emotional well-being requires more than a day's attention.

Turning words into daily actions

The journey to emotional fitness begins with three maxims of change: the desire to change, taking personal responsibility, and reconnecting with your body. These maxims aren't just philosophical ideas; they translate into regular practices that can be integrated into your routine.

For instance, the desire to change can manifest as setting aside time for self-reflection or mindfulness. Personal responsibility might mean actively seeking out resources or tools that aid in emotional well-being. Reconnecting with your body could involve practices like yoga, mindful breathing or Shape of Emotion.

Acceptance and action are the drivers that turn these maxims into a lifestyle. They bridge the gap between wanting to improve and actually doing the work, setting the stage for the individual pillars of emotional fitness that we'll explore next.

The pillar of 'Nourishing' as a regular practice

uilding on the foundational maxims of change, the next logical step in our journey toward better emotional fitness is to explore the individual pillars that make it up. The first pillar we'll delve into is "Nourishing."

This pillar is not just about physical sustenance; it encompasses diet, self care, and sleep as integral components. A balanced diet provides the nutrients essential for mental clarity and emotional stability. Self care is about finding time to do things that re-energise and rejuvenate you. Adequate sleep is non-negotiable when it comes to cognitive function and emotion regulation.

To add to this holistic approach, a practice like Shape of Emotion, which is both mindful and bodyful and also part of the “Feeling” pillar, can be integrated into your daily routine for emotional nourishment. By regularly engaging in these nourishing practices, you're taking a comprehensive approach to your mental health.

The daily commitment: Beyond just one day

The journey toward better mental health is not a one-day event but a continuous process requiring daily action. Emotional fitness serves as a comprehensive framework, offering actionable steps rooted in self-awareness, body attunement, and resilience. For instance, the pillar of "Thinking" emphasises critical thinking and lifelong learning, while the pillar of "Moving" encourages physical activity to release stress. Another pillar, "Relating," focuses on building healthy relationships, starting with yourself.

Your ongoing commitment to these diverse aspects of emotional fitness is the cornerstone of sustainable mental health. Take the first step today; your future self will thank you. Every day presents a new opportunity to invest in your emotional well-being and build your mental health through these pillars.

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