Positively impacting wellbeing

At 5th Place we support the physical and emotional wellbeing of people by enabling them to regulate how they feel on a scale to match the size of the problem.

Positively impacting wellbeing & building emotional fitness

At 5th Place we support the physical and emotional wellbeing of people by enabling them to regulate how they feel on a scale to match the size of the problem.

Mindfulness and Affective Science

Working at the intersection of Mindfulness and Affective Science, 5th Place has developed a way to gently and easily release stuck emotions, which can lead to depression, anxiety, increased stress and physical illness, allowing for a return to a centred and resourceful state. It's called Shape of Emotion.

5th Place offers a range of solutions for individuals, organisations, children and young adults, one on one and in groups, based around Shape of Emotion. These solutions include talks, workshops, coaching, one-on-one sessions and Emotional Fitness Classes, run online or onsite.

The size of the problem, at home

5th Place has its roots in Johannesburg South Africa. Much like the rest of Africa, South Africa is a traumatised nation with a mental health system in disarray. Historical inequalities, high unemployment rates and poverty on the one side and a shrinking economy, a collapsing infrastructure, corruption and crime on the other are a breeding ground for a ballooning mental health care crisis.

Stress, burnout and ill health cost the South African economy R40 billion annually, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

With over 17 million diagnosed anxiety disorders out of a population of 56 million and a generous statistic of 23 psychologists for every 100,000 people, the scale of the problem is such that traditional one on one therapy, even if there was budget, can never attend to the overwhelming need.

In response to this mental and emotional health crisis, 5th Place developed Shape of Emotion, a process that can be used on oneself as a daily self care practice. It can be used as a one-on-one intervention, and more importantly, it can be used in groups (to date the largest group has been nearly 300) to simultaneously downregulate each individual’s stuck, difficult emotions.

Enabling the how...

Our mission at 5th Place is to make the world a better place by enabling the how…

How to... How to...
be more acceptingnot feel guilty when I choose me
be more calmdeal with anxiety
not be so hard on myselfmake me pause
better digest criticismbe less angry
enjoy what iscope with change

And so on.

Making the world a better place

5th Place is about making the world a better place by challenging people to think less and feel more. Not to feel more anxiety, more stress, more unhappiness. Not to find another way to numb or hide from feelings. Instead, to feel connected by learning to turn down the volume and regulate difficult emotions.

By being able to down- or up-regulate our emotions and embrace our feelings we ultimately feel better and become fuller, more whole human beings. As a result we engage and connect more meaningfully with other human beings, our community, society, nature and the environment. And the world becomes a better place.

The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes that very one that can heal it.

—Nicholas Sparks