Change the narrative, seed a better world


Does it feel like time for a real shift? An opportunity to rise above the madness of lights out and lock downs? Would you like an opportunity to climb out of the mire and regain your agency, motivation and drive?


How does connecting with like minded people over real conversations and a held space, sound? How about creatively uncovering new ways of being and doing in the world? Refilling your tank so that you can respond proactively and positively to the persistent uncertainty and potential chaos?

Join a circle

Consider joining an online Seeding Circle - only 2 hours a week over 5 weeks will change your outlook, your state and your year.

  • Next Circle starts 24 Feb 2021
  • Cost is R3 350,00, including journal*

For more information and to register, visit the Seeding Circle website 

Change the narrative, seed a better world.

*Delivery of journals outside of South African metropolitan areas will be an additional cost.

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