Shape of Emotion turns 2!

And just like that - Shape of Emotion turns two, come and celebrate with us for the whole month of February!


Two people nervously stand together in a small room, facing a circle of nine other people. There's an expectant hush. With a deep breath in and a gentle exhale it begins.

Morning. Turns. To. Afternoon. In. A. Blur. And. Whoosh. It's. Done.

It's 3 February, 2018 and the end of our first Shape of Emotion workshop. Giddy with excitement we packed up and left, eager to gather one another's thoughts on the experience. Both of us knew, however, that we'd created something special and the workshop had exceeded our wildest expectations. That was two years ago and here we are celebrating Shape of Emotion's second birthday!

We've chosen to take the whole month of February as a time to reflect on and celebrate the journey so far. We've discovered many amazing things about emotions, health, the body and how, by making a few small changes, we can radically alter and improve our quality of living.

We'll be sharing these insights over the next few weeks and inviting you to participate too. After all what's a good story if there's no one to hear it. Keep your eyes peeled for our next update where we'll be sharing more details!

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