Bipolar Now Podcast offerings and gifts

5th Place offers the opportunity to learn how to purposefully and consciously work with feelings and emotions and effectively manage stress and anxiety to become more present to live masterfully and mindfully.

Attend an Emotional Fitness Class

The easiest and best way to experience our work is to attend a free, online, Emotional Fitness Class.

Classes are offered online twice a week via the mindfulness app Insight Timer, it’s like a yoga class for your emotions. The live session class is facilitated by Matthew and Chantal of 5th Place. We guide you to release and let go of a difficult or negative emotion of your choice such as stress, anxiety, depression, sadness or anger and to open and embrace a positive or supportive emotion you wish to have more of.

It is a gentle, personal experience to feel relief from your emotional strain as well as to being more resourceful as a human being.

Find a class that suits your time zone and begin your journey to emotional fitness.

Mini audio-course discount coupon

This mini audio-course, How to master Your Emotions, comprises 10 modules where you will learn about the science of how emotions are made, the importance of being able to regulate how you feel and a way to work with emotions that is both easy to learn and easy to use.

You will be introduced to Shape of Emotion, 5th Place's model, process and tool of how we structure, store, represent and regulate our inner feeling states. You will be given an overview of the design of Shape of Emotion as well as how it works.

Each lesson is framed by one or two of the twelve principles that underpin this work. At the end of each module a short practice will help consolidate the session and deepen your understanding and use of Shape of Emotion.

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Emotions Matter. Really! Podcast

In this podcast we explore everything about emotions, feelings, and what it is to become and remain emotionally fit.

We believe that, although our emotions have been made the underdog to our analytical, rational minds, our emotions underpin everything we do and are. Emotions do matter. Emotions separate and connect us, they drive our behaviour and decision making, they allow us to thrive or barely survive.

We want to bring people back to the intelligence of their bodies, to connect to their feelings and, working with the information they offer, take steps to make the world a better place. We want to change the narrative about mental health and emotional fitness.

By advocating for increased awareness and understanding, we are determined to blow the lid off the taboo, misunderstanding and downright incorrect information about what makes us truly human.

Join our research project

5th Place is participating in a study investigating the effectiveness of Combined Somatic and Cognitive Therapies (often termed energy psychology techniques). Shape of Emotion finds its home here.

We are running a six week research program, starting in May utilising the unique group ability of Shape of Emotion to assist and bring about change en masse or at scale. We call this process the Emotional Fitness Class. There will be no charge to participate but you will need to attend a class once a week for six consecutive weeks. You will also be required to complete three surveys, at the beginning, middle and end of the program.

We are looking for individuals who struggle with or suffer from either stress or anxiety. If you are interested in participating, we invite you to express your interest or find out more by contacting us. or sending an email to [email protected].

Shape of Emotion therapy

Shape of Emotion therapy is aimed at individuals who are plagued by negative (difficult) or persistent emotions that keep them stuck and undermine their ability to live resourcefully in the world. Shape of Emotion therapy sessions attend to issues such as loss, grief, depression, chronic anxiety, trauma and many other difficult emotions.

The sessions are one-on-one and take place face-to-face or via video call (Zoom).

The sessions will bring you relief without any need to "tell your story". This means minimising the amount of talking and a less cognitive approach to the healing process. These sessions work very well if you prefer not to share, expose yourself, become too vulnerable, revisit or relive any past traumatic events.

Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life.

—Marcus Aurelius