Something to do in the current chaos

Here is something to do in the current chaos South Africa finds itself in.

In and amongst the current chaos in South Africa, be a still point. If that is too difficult and you find yourself struggling to cope, join our weekly Emotional Fitness Class and help dial down any negative feelings and emotions you’re experiencing.

This week in South Africa we have had to endure the maelstrom of images, media including social media coverage of protests. Protests filled with rage, underpinned by disempowerment and cultural gender and energetic power struggles. We have watched as citizens loot and destroy. How students get tear gassed for taking a stand. Conflict, fear, rage, and deep, deep sadness fill the very air we breathe, when we are not holding it while we wait for the next assault. It’s like our country and the world has gone crazy.

The question many are asking is “What can we do?”

If we wade in on the battle, throwing verbal punches and text screams. If we cower in fear, stomachs knotted in dread, imagining everything awful and bad that could happen, we are only fueling the negative, destructive energies.

We need to shift this energy with intention and courage. We invite you to attend today’s Emotional Fitness Class for a guided process focused on peace and healing, of ourselves, the region, country, continent and dear planet we live on.

Register for the online Zoom class to be held today at 17:30 CAT by using this link:

Hope to see you there.

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