How to master your emotions course

Learn how to feel better by learning how to feel, better. An audio course of ten micro lessons offered through InsightTimer.

Learn how to feel better by learning how to feel, better.

An audio course of ten micro lessons offered through InsightTimer.

We are very happy to announce our first course – How To Master Your Emotions has been published on InsightTimer. It’s an audio course comprising ten micro lessons of between 10 and 16 minutes in length. It was written, recorded, edited and produced by us, just the two of us. We’re immensely proud of it.

You can listen to the first day before choosing to purchase the rest of the course ($19.99 for non-premium members – that’s around R300 – a damn steal, if you ask us). You will have to have an account with InsightTimer, and if you wish to listen on your computer, to use Chrome as your browser.


Why should you?

Juggling multiple, different and new responsibilities in the face of unrelenting uncertainty requires a different set of tools and practices than those we currently have. Now more than ever learning to thrive in an uncertain, unstable world requires sustained emotional resilience and psychological robustness.

Very few of us have been taught how to appropriately express, manage and regulate our emotions. Many of us feel that we are at the mercy of our emotions, when in fact we can master our emotions.


What you will learn

In this 10 day course you will learn about the science of how emotions are made, the importance of being able to regulate how you feel and a way to work with emotions that is both easy to learn and easy to use. You will be introduced to Shape of Emotion, a model, process and tool of how we structure, store, represent and regulate our inner feeling states. You will be given an overview of the design of Shape of Emotion as well as how it works.

Each lesson is framed by one or two of the twelve principles that underpin this work. At the end of each day a short practice will help consolidate the session and deepen your understanding and use of Shape of Emotion.


We look forward to getting your feedback and insights.

Join us on InsightTimer for a Live Emotional Fitness Class held every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning at 06h30 or Tuesday and Thursday at 17h00.


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