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In April 2018 Matthew had this inspired idea to make a video to promote Shape of Emotion.


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e had successfully completed the pilot programme and wanted to tell the world about our work. We hired two young KZN film school students and over the next nine months we organised their attendance at workshops, flew them to Johannesburg and took them around the city to shoot footage and do interviews.

By the end of 2018 we had a finished video that we hosted on Vimeo and did very little else with. We kept on saying we need to get it out there, post it on our website, put it on YouTube. But we didn't. We watched it again a few weeks ago with a new employee of ours. He said, "It's a great video, you need to do something with it. Maybe just fix the very sudden fade to black at the end".

So Matthew learnt how to edit video, fixed the beginning and end bits and viola! We now have a video that we are launching properly. It's really not long, just over 3.5 minutes - tell us what you think.

In case you missed it first time around

And, in case you missed it the first time round, we are doing our webinar again on Wednesday.

We will be re-presenting the first in a series of webinars on mental health and emotional wellbeing, this Wednesday 22 July at 17:30. It's called What to do before everything gets too much - easy to use tools and techniques to keep you mentally well and emotionally fit.

Lock down has been mentally, physically and emotionally arduous. Even as the restrictions are relaxed, new challenges arise, infections are on the increase and the concerns don't go away. Life is never going to be the same. One minute you may be feeling like you are on top of things, life feels a little more normal (whatever that means these days) and the next you are snarling and spitting, snapping and hissing. What can you do before it all gets too much? Because it can, it may have already, and it will again.

In this webinar you are not going to be told the same things you already know. You are not going to be told what you should, must, have to do. You are going to be given some easy to understand straight talk about why mental and emotional fitness is as important as your physical fitness. That it is not only okay to feel but necessary (yes all that messiness is necessary) and some easy to use tools and techniques to mitigate stress and start feeling better now.

When we first did it, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive so if you missed it, here's your chance to experience a no-nonsense look at what you can do as opposed to what you should, have to, must do. Register at: www.5th.place/webinars

Date: July 22, 2020

Time: 17:30 - 18:30 CAT

Where: Online, using Zoom

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