Emotional fitness taster talks at St Stithians Girls’ College

5th Place took part in the Wellbeing Focus Day for St Stithians' Girls College. 

Organised by the school's psychology department, the entire offering was online. No students were back at school at that point, staff, students and parents were by this time used to engaging online. 


We gave three Emotional Fitness Taster Talks for staff, students and parents. A Taster Talk is an introduction to what emotions are, the importance of emotional fitness and a "how" to do just that in the form of a taster of Shape of Emotion.

It was clear that this day was much needed. Participants were feeling ragged from the challenges of online teaching, constant change and constant uncertainty. They engaged enthusiastically, asking questions, talking about how they were feeling and trying out Shape of Emotion.

Well received

Some of the responses received at the end of the talks:

  • Thank you that was awesome
  • Whooooh
  • It worked! Wow!
  • Thank you so much that was great
  • I feel relaxed

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