Brigid-Rose Tiernan, our latest graduate

Congratulations to Brigid-Rose, our most recent Shape of Emotion: Level 1 Foundation graduate!

Congratulations to Brigid-Rose Tiernan, our most recent Shape of Emotion: Level 1 Foundation graduate!

At 5th Place, we have witnessed the power Shape of Emotion has and how it has beautifully enabled the how in not only our clients, but our graduates as well. Here is an excerpt from Biddy’s reflective essay, the final project in the Foundation Course.

My introduction to Shape of Emotion practice at the end of March 2019 was a confirming and encouraging experience, bringing together many insights about one’s emotional life, and giving me a useful, accessible and practical tool to manage the whirlwind of emotions that are part of living in Johannesburg in 2019.

Congratulations once again, Biddy, and a warm welcome into the ranks of all the other shape-shifting graduates!

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