Unpacking a puzzle

By 5th Place | January 12, 2023

We are back. After a relaxing retreat at home doing holiday type things the new year opened up to much the same, but not “just” the same. Puzzling and puzzles frames the theme for the entry into 2023.

Our wish for you

By 5th Place | December 22, 2022

The holidays are here, time is slowing down, while shoppers are speeding up. With less structure and more leisure it is useful to remember that consistency and not quick fixes will keep things going into the new year.

Water, water everywhere!

By 5th Place | December 15, 2022

Persistent rain together with sudden, violent storms resulted in damage and destruction with plenty to fix. Feeling very sorry for themselves, two conversations made for a change of heart and a better perspective.

Are we there yet?

By 5th Place | December 8, 2022

A quieter house, a variety of offerings and many people to reconnect with resulted in a week of mingling, engaging and getting out. An opportunity to fill up the togetherness tank before the annual diaspora to summer holiday spaces.

The art of connecting

By 5th Place | December 1, 2022

Planning an 80th birthday celebration tests the socialising muscle memory while unreliable weather apps call for some pivoting. It all results in good cheer and a reminder of the importance of people who are dear.

Grow or Glow

By 5th Place | November 23, 2022

In this our 100th issue the skill of giving and receiving good developmental feedback is explored. As hard as it can be to give difficult input, it is the most important element for supporting real learning and growing.

Eat, Play, Be Aware

By 5th Place | November 17, 2022

A wet week and a wetter weekend kept many indoors. Finding out about how science and clever marketing has turned food into an industrialised commodity and people into overweight junkies and how corruption became endemic in FIFA and World Cup Soccer, gave plenty of “food for thought”.

Real people in a real world

By 5th Place | November 9, 2022

With the silly season starting, stallholders popped up all over the suburb to capture the gift hunters. Creative endeavours, clever stories and plenty of connecting made for an energy boosting weekend.

A book and its cover

By 5th Place | November 3, 2022

A bit of a nothing week and then a delightful encounter with a comedic character. Meeting like minded but very different personalities gave us plenty to consider and an eagerness to meet up again.

Smile, it’s raining!

By 5th Place | October 27, 2022

After weeks of waiting and anticipation the heavens opened and the rain came. With it came some cutting reminders for annual maintenance and also plenty to smile about. Smiling is catching, better than a cold!