Good for nation building

By 5th Place | November 26, 2018

Two very white whites are doing their bit to address past imbalances and make the world a better place.

No connectivity but lots of connecting

By 5th Place | November 12, 2018

The Week That Was experiences power outages, internet connection problems and finds connectivity in the most unexpected and delightful places.

Be inspired

By 5th Place | November 5, 2018

Our working space is getting a bit cramped. Some delightful inspiration for a new one unexpectedly comes along. The Week That Was finds out more.


By 5th Place | October 29, 2018

Community flows directly from connectedness. It’s about the experience of being together and relating to others.

No boxes or labels required

By 5th Place | October 29, 2018

The Week That Was discovers that boxing and labelling our condition does very little to ease it. It also looks at the science behind Shape of Emotion.

Going quiet in Kliptown

By 5th Place | October 22, 2018

Matthew & Chantal of 5th Place head off to Kliptown to introduce twelve young souls to the benefits of Shape of Emotion and emotional fitness.


By 5th Place | October 22, 2018

Life is all about relationships and connectedness. Our capacity to develop these successfully determines our success as people, in business, as parents, friends and co-workers.

A beautiful unfolding

By 5th Place | October 19, 2018

By accepting what is, the different becomes delightful, the surprising, deeply satisfying and life unfolds beautifully.

Practicing mindfulness in Kliptown, Soweto

By 5th Place | October 16, 2018

In a tiny hot room, in a dusty, noisy street in historic Kliptown, Soweto, a group of unemployed youth got to experience a taste of Shape of Emotion.

Accept what is

By 5th Place | October 15, 2018

If we just pause and accept what we cannot change, what we have no control over, then maybe we will see the gift, the opportunity, the “it was meant to be this way” realisation.