Loss and Recovery

By 5th Place | March 23, 2023

Loss can come in many guises and recovery can take many forms. Time, patience and care help but it is our connectedness to others that supports the process the most.

Listen to Hear

By 5th Place | March 16, 2023

Listening is an act of creation. We are reminded by watching a movie we did not want to see that when we move away from our egos and positions, when we open our hearts and hear, magic happens.

Preparation makes the dream work

By 5th Place | March 9, 2023

It is always useful to be prepared. Preparation can take hours, days, weeks or longer. In this particular case it has taken years of preparation to make a dream work. Who would have known.

Something bigger

By 5th Place | March 2, 2023

Digging deeper into peoples’ wondrous lives leads us to the creative recrafting of a building and the inspiration behind building your own sports car. And a reminder to listen to your gut.

Enabling the How

By 5th Place | February 23, 2023

An erratic garage door, elastic dough, a birthday and the conclusion of an anxiety study, plus name changes and new platforms fills this week’s slightly extended newsletter.

What impact do you have?

By 5th Place | February 16, 2023

A week without a car made us consider how nice it would be not to have to care for one. Amid gifts of a music performance and a bubble on wheels we watched as stress frothed over that left us asking: Is this how you want to be?

Going backwards to go forwards

By 5th Place | February 9, 2023

An auspicious week commemorating two important events that took place on the same date. Presenting our work in a space that inspired us to develop it, then driving a different way home for a new perspective.

Just show up

By 5th Place | February 2, 2023

The first month of the year down and a question around how things are going. If you have not been able to stick to those resolutions, don’t worry you are not alone. We look at the first step to making any change stick.

Out damned spot

By 5th Place | January 26, 2023

An unwelcome spot on the wall heralded a protracted and expensive process to correct what was not done right the first time. This lead to thoughts on what it takes to do it right and well from the beginning.

Pizza imperfect

By 5th Place | January 19, 2023

Pizza making from scratch teaches some valuable lessons about appreciating real, honest food and the time, effort and energy it takes to get it to the table.