The connectedness of a common ailment

By 5th Place | June 20, 2022

While working on a model of emotional fitness™, a book reveals that we are all connected by a common ailment. It also uncovers the patterns and the processes we follow that trip up the very best intentions to develop, learn and change. In the meantime, a birthday is celebrated and seeds are planted.

Last minute dot com

By 5th Place | June 13, 2022

Three lovely opportunities offered and accepted. A reminder that it’s in the coming back that change takes place and another, different, reconnection with an old friend.

Really Important Things to Do

By 5th Place | June 2, 2022

A real rest day, long walks, relaxing and reading. An opportunity to connect with an old friend is a reminder of a Really Important Thing to Do

Closing out, shutting down, staying in

By 5th Place | May 25, 2022

As the cold cloak of winter waved in, weeks of work are closed out, allowing for some time to shut down to rest and renew, while staying in where it is warm and cosy. A week of classes, cuppa soups and podcasts.

While feeling light headed and heavy hearted, a reminder

By 5th Place | May 19, 2022

A week begun light-headed and heavy-hearted brings with it a reminder to step out of the shadow, connect to our individual gifts and bring illumination to the world.

Shining bright or all burnt out?

By 5th Place | May 12, 2022

The road to burnout is deceptively concealed in trying too hard and working too long on careers and jobs you thought you always wanted. Knowing what to look out for and doing something about it could make the difference between a total collapse and a turn around in your life.

A round trip, a recording and another ring on the tree

By 5th Place | May 12, 2022

Another year, another roadtrip. This time a flash roundtrip and an opportunity to revisit meeting the Big Tree, the lessons learnt from it and the growing that has happened over the last year.

What does freedom mean to you?

By 5th Place | April 29, 2022

With Freedom Day came thoughts about what freedom means and how not being free can affect our emotional wellbeing and mental wellbeing. We consider how we can break free from our mental jails and build our emotional fitness to stay free.

Egg hunts & bunny hops

By 5th Place | April 14, 2022

Our Easter wish in 2022 is that wherever you are in the world, whether you celebrate Easter or not, may you find it in your heart to support connection over conflict, community over exclusion, possibility over despair, wellbeing over welfare, and equality over hierarchy.

Taking inspiration from Nature

By 5th Place | March 24, 2022

Nature offers us many insights and lessons into a variety of topics that we, as human beings, would do well to take notice of. We explore some of these and how, by heeding them, we can find support in journey through life.