The value of valuing

By 5th Place | October 13, 2022

After doing whatever needed to be done to get people to pay their bills, a weekend of variety and difference brought up thoughts about how we value what we choose to pay money for and what we choose not to.

Free mental health class for October

Online free mental health class for October!

By 5th Place | October 6, 2022

In celebration of World Mental Health Day in October we are offering online free mental health classes (Emotional Fitness Class) to everyone for the entire month.

Enabling the how

By 5th Place | October 6, 2022

The start of Mental Health Awareness Month in South Africa, a book about the link between stress, trauma and illness and a solution to the problem of mental and emotional health occupies the focus of a week just past and a future beginning every day.

The Right Mental Coaching Is Crucial For Sport Athletes

By 5th Place | September 29, 2022

Mental coaching for sport is a process of helping an individual athlete or team to improve their mental, emotional and psychological skills.

Move it before you lose it

By 5th Place | September 29, 2022

Sometimes things go wrong and all the little irritations leave you feeling low. Waking up feeling a little fed up Matthew and Chantal went for a walk and it made all the difference to their mood and state of mind.

What is stage 6?

By 5th Place | September 22, 2022

What is stage 6? Welcome to South Africa’s crazy days, and dark nights, of on again, off again, electrical dance. Not many were having much fun with it, however, but learning to accept and let the rage go is one way of reaching emotional equilibrium.

The novel and the unusual

By 5th Place | September 15, 2022

A week of wonder and sun, as we engaged in some novel activities. A trip to the beach, some spring cleaning and not only for humans, and a good laugh with three larger than life ladies. A different couple of days made for an interesting and energising time.

Hope is the thing

By 5th Place | September 8, 2022

This week was all about that little glimmer or spark that can ignite even the darkest of times. Hope. With World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September, this difficult topic is faced with the offer of hope as a means to build resilience and grit. Matthew shares his own personal story.

Grappling with grit

By 5th Place | September 1, 2022

A week of being out and sharing our work. We find ourselves back walking after more than four weeks off. An exploration of grit and resilience offers us ample opportunities to practise it.

Resistance and relevance

By 5th Place | August 25, 2022

More cold weather leads to gripes and complaints when resistance to what is takes over. Catching ourselves on the playground of negativity we turned to a more positive light and were reminded of the relevance of building emotional fitness.