A volume dial for your feelings

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]Emotions are just like sounds and with Shape of Emotion you can turn up the volume of the pleasant ones and turn down the volume of the unpleasant ones. Shape of Emotion is the volume dial for your feelings!


Imagine listening to the radio or a favourite audio-stream. The music pleasantly washes over you caressing your senses, delightful vibrations stirring within. Your foot starts tapping along with the beat. A smile spreads across your face. Feels great doesn't it? Now imagine reaching for the dial and turning the volume up. Way up. You start singing along, body jiving to the rhythm. What does it feel like now?

Mmm… lovely...

All of a sudden a grating, obnoxious, pounding racket of a song comes on. It hurts your ears and makes you squint. What can you do to get rid of the affronting sound? That's right, turn the volume down. Way down. Phew, that's much better!

Your feelings are just like waves of sound. They come and go. Some feelings will be pleasant and happy and you will want to embrace and have them wash all over you. Others will be noisy, stressful, anxiety provoking and unpleasant. You will want to avoid these. Maybe try to bury or even numb them so they don't affect you as much. Imagine having a volume control for your feelings so you can dial the positive ones up and the negative ones down.

At 5th Place we've created a model, process and tool of how we structure, store, represent and regulate our inner feeling states. This tool and process is called Shape of Emotion. It is content-free, gentle, safe, easy to use and quickly clears the effects of difficult emotions allowing for a return to a centred, resourceful state.

With Shape of Emotion you can take any difficult feeling and turn down the volume of it. Equally, you can take any positive feeling and turn the volume right up! That's right, Shape of Emotion is the volume dial for your feelings!

Shape of Emotion is a learnable skill and you are invited to attend our next workshop - Take a look at our event schedule for when the next one is.

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