Shape of Emotion therapy

Shape of Emotion therapy sessions attend to issues such as stress, loss, grief, depression, chronic anxiety and trauma.

What is Shape of Emotion therapy?

Shape of Emotion therapy is aimed at individuals who are plagued by negative (difficult) or persistent emotions that keep them stuck and undermine their ability to live resourcefully in the world. Shape of Emotion therapy sessions attend to issues such as loss, grief, depression, chronic anxiety, trauma and many other difficult emotions.

The sessions are one-on-one and take place face-to-face or via video call (Zoom).

Dealing with negative emotions

A less cognitive approach to healing

If you are plagued by difficult or negative emotions that are keeping you stuck or making you ill but you really don't want to spend time unpacking the what, why or how of it all, a course of Shape of Emotion therapy sessions will bring you relief without any need to "tell your story". This means minimising the amount of talking and a less cognitive approach to the healing process.

Shape of Emotion therapy sessions work very well if you prefer not to share, expose yourself, become too vulnerable, revisit or relive any past traumatic events.

Shape of Emotion works on its own and in complement to other forms of therapy. It is different, direct, and works quickly. There are big shifts that happen in a relatively short space of time - as long you are prepared to show up and do the work!

Is it suitable for me?

As a somatic (meaning in or of the body) tool and process, to get the most out of a Shape of Emotion therapy session you do need to be able to feel your emotions.

The sessions won't work if you will not allow yourself to adopt a mindful approach or are too head oriented and get stuck in your thinking. Thoughts like "this cannot work, this is stupid, I don’t believe in this stuff, it's too woo woo for me." will also get in the way.

If a past traumatic event is preventing you from being in your body then additional steps will need to be taken to gently ease you into connecting with your body again before the Shape of Emotion sessions.

The sessions have worked with men, women, teenagers and young adults with remarkable results.

This work is non-invasive, gentle and accommodating but it needs to be committed to.

How to relieve stress and anxiety

If you are dealing with persistent anxiety, or are overwhelmed by the difficult emotions triggered by stress; if you want relief from gnawing concern and worry or feel incapable of moving past anger, a series of one-on-one Shape of Emotion therapy sessions will assist you to a more resourceful state.

What happens at a one-on-one Shape of Emotion therapy session?

Coaching with less talking and more feeling

Shape of Emotion one-on-one sessions are similar to coaching sessions with less talking and more feeling. The process is facilitated and supported by a qualified Shape of Emotion coach who will guide you on an inner journey to feel, find and describe your inner state. The Shape of Emotion model is utilised to clear and release negative (difficult) emotions and to open supportive (positive) emotions.

No need for the story

The session is largely content free, although some framing and context is usually required. There is no analysis and no deep discussion into the reasons why you feel the way you do or where it comes from. There is no opportunity for judgment, and any feelings of guilt or shame are cleared without you even having to name them.

How long is a session?

The first session is 1.5 hours long — the extra time is used to get some background and understand more about why you are coming for the sessions. All sessions following this are one hour in length.

Number of sessions required

One session of Shape of Emotion therapy is enough to offer relief from even the most challenging emotions. We do recommend that you attend three consecutive sessions a week apart to get the most benefit and healing.

Supporting the change process

As part of the supportive process we encourage you to attend at least one of our free online Emotional Fitness Classes per week. They are offered seven times a week, during the morning and late afternoon. You can find these on the Insight Timer app. These are invaluable in deepening the healing journey.

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You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories, and make peace with them.

—Iyanla Vanzant

Shape of Emotion therapy for core issues

5th Place offers a focussed and structured three session programme called Shape of Emotion  3-2-1 Lift-off! The structure of the 3-2-1 programme is quite specific and focussed on working with a core-wound. This is usually a seminal event from childhood that sets a trajectory for our entire life. All future life events, traumas and experiences are a subset of this event.

Here is the broad overview of what each session endeavours to accomplish.

Session one

In session one we clear any current emotions that may be present or showing up around the issue we are working with, so that you can feel more resourceful about engaging with the second session.

Session two

In session two we endeavour to go back in time to the earliest experience you can remember related to the core-wound. In the session we unhook from any emotion that may be stuck there. This is a very subjective and personal experience. We may be able to work with just one event or a few events, travelling further and further back in time, depending on the experience and the emotion that is connected to it.

Session three

In session three we work on integrating any learning and gifts from the experiences that were visited in the second session. We will also mentally practice and visualise the changes into the future, clearing any emotions that may surface. We end this session by dialling-up an emotion that most supports and serves the way you feel after doing the clearing and integration.

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Shape of Emotion quickly and gently relieves stress, anxiety and other negative (difficult) emotions.

Face to face and online sessions

5th Place runs a practice and an exclusive wellbeing clinic out of Linden, a suburb situated approximately 10 km north-west of the Johannesburg CBD. This space is used for one-on-one sessions, workshops and our restorative wellbeing programme.

Therapy and coaching sessions are also offered online using Zoom.

In order to get the most out of the Shape of Emotion session, either face-to-face or online, we recommend you:

  • Dress comfortably
  • Have a clear idea or sense of what you want to achieve, fix, heal, improve or resolve
  • Be prepared to connect with your feelings – it is all about emotions, after all!

Due to the way our body's support the process of releasing emotions it is a good idea to have water and tissues handy - just in case!

Pricing for a one-on-one therapy session

A Shape of Emotion one-on-one session, whether face-to-face or online is charged at R2500 per hour (170 USD or 125 GBP per hour).

Shape of Emotion 3-2-1 Lift-off! is charged at R6750 for the three sessions (460 USD or 335 GBP for the three sessions).

We accept payment via PayPal, Zapper, credit card, direct deposit (EFT / bank transfer) or cash.


If you can’t make a session

If you can’t make a session, we are always happy to change your session time on the understanding that you give us at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel or move it. This gives us the opportunity to accommodate someone else who may want to use your time slot for their session.

Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours' notice or completely missed will incur a cancellation fee equal to the cost of the session.

How do I move or cancel my session?

Cancellations should be made either by email: [email protected].

Alternatively using WhatsApp: +27-83-601-4239 (Matthew) or +27-82-901-2404 (Chantal).


All Shape of Emotion one-on-one therapy and coaching sessions are offered in English.

The best time for Shape of Emotion?

Any time is a good time for Shape of Emotion. But if you are looking to work out the best time for a session or an appointment and are internationally based, use the time zone information below. 5th Place is located in Johannesburg, South Africa and uses CAT, Central African Time.

Feel better now - take the next step

If you would like to experience a Shape of Emotion therapy session, please contact us and start making your world a better place today!

You change your life by changing your heart.

—Max Lucado